Drawing the Blank

Drawing the Blank


…these days young man

are such as I wanted to make

my house a Home

but every time I draw blank for

there was no window blown by

the fresh air full of clouds’ smell

and the dry leaves that

circles like the time immemorial

to once again share its splendour.

When I dried my blood to make

a pigment for the love letters

they turned harsh wounds

that patterned a constellation

under whom I got birth to

                                      a Human

the one young looking but with

the betraying eyes- they were

telling an age of teratology, now

belonging to tales that no one

is impressed by.

When you take a Pen and step

the rainbow threshold of the Beyond

never care if the elders are pissed off

just because you are breaking their

inner idols they were worshiping so

religiously only to deceive themselves

that much appalling you may be

and that’s it. Let this be your Law!

●Fahredin Shehu