Editorial- IPF Kosovo, 7th Edition 2021

Editorial- IPF Kosovo, 7th Edition 2021


In this 7th edition of the Festival, we were able to gather another 20 poets, new poets that are in Kosovo, for the first time. We were able to bring poets and make bonds to each other. Every year we have new poets because we want to have more new friends in the World, to publish them in Albanian Language and publish our poets in world languages.

The prominent World Poets came and left their blueprints with their originality and outstanding performance. They honored us just as you are honoring us with your presence whilst to us remain the task and endeavor to maintain and improve our aim of celebrating the beautiful word, good friendship, peace, exchange of experience, cultural exchange, and human fraternity.

What an experience we earned in the previous editions thus making it possible to always bring new with unique culture and heritage. We are dedicated to the Festival to preserve its fundamental criteria which are bringing the most authentic and most original poets in the world today. They represent their Culture and in particular their Poetry as extremely intimate and individual acts of creation that made their name not only in their respective country of origin but going beyond their borders in a Global Art Arena, respectively.

We shall promote authors via Video Archive too; publish at www.fekt.org and all possible social media, as well as TV ALB, See in Sweden!

We wish you pleasant moments during the Festival and gain the most beautiful human experience promoting the beauty of diversity, Peace, Tolerance, Creativity, and promoting our common Human Values.

Fahredin Shehu,

August 2021

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