Ewith Bahar- Indonesia

Ewith Bahar- Indonesia


Ewith Bahar is a poetess from Indonesia. She had a long time career in a mass-communication field, radio and television industry. Being a TV host at Television of Republic of Indonesia (TVRI, a government TV station) for several cultural and musical programs has broadened her vision that helps much in her writing works. Her eagerness in exploring cultural issue and topic, encouraging her to write Sonata Borobudur, a poetry book that one year after being published, got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library, as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. The Borobudur, one of the biggest Hndu’s temple in the world, dating from early 8 century, is UNESCO’S World Heritage,

Ewith wrote one novel, one an anthology of short stories, one biography-essay and five poetry books. Three other books are still on-going process now.: about bibliotherapy, about kebaya (Indonesian woman national dress) and an anthology of terzina poems. She’s also an editor for more than 10 books. Ewith Bahar also loves teaching. She was a teacher at an educational Institution for communication And TV Broadcasting, Interstudi and LEPPKINDO. And still in teaching field, she’s now also a public speaker for communication matters, creative writing and bibliotherapy.


By your pen,
An imprisoned words are released
Turning into gulls
Flying freely,
not limited and bordered towards the air

Words, grow as signs of dignity
Unshackled, unfettered by the dividers
No reluctance for disseminating heat
When they contain the coals within

The ink and pen which longing for a sense of independence
Now bubbling, burned with euphoria
Your pen, releasing us from the tight clothes
That wraps all the marks of tenderness we hide
Then, how noisy the outburst of poem when cleaning things up
An excitement, showered by eagerness attaining freedom
Now, a boredom of pretending as sparkling marble
At last, replaced by new ecstasy:
becoming a reprobate
Their new faces as agitation, obscenity and seduction
Appear without hesitation and reluctance

By your pen, my poet
Words now becoming wild horse
Running swiftly as legs of sin do.