Hanna Michael Salameh Numan

Hanna Michael Salameh Numan




  • Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 8/10/1950

Place of Birth: Amman – Jordan

Nationality: Jordanian

Marital Status: Married


  • Academic Qualifications and Courses:
  • National Patriarchal College / Amman – Jordan.
  • Damascus University: Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology.
  • BeirutArab University:faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.
  • Advanced university Courses in Arabic Literature, syntax, eloquence, and prosody.


  • Writer, Researcher&Authour: Arabic literature, prose, and social criticism,which includes Social Phenomena, Local matters, Thoughtful Issues etc.
  • Author of:
  • Monitor of Phenomena and Light of Thoughts. (Marsad Al ZawahirwaKabas Al khawatir).
  • Gong of Phenomena and Basil of Thoughts. (Nakouss Al ZawahirwaRayhan Al Khawatir)
  • The Supreme Option and Live Scenes. ( AlKhiyar Al AssmawaMashahidHayatiya)
  • Ambergris of Words and Arrows Hunt. (Amber Al Kalam fi Sayd Al Siham)
  • Script of: Flame of Pain and Dew of Magnificence. (Laza Al Mawajie’ wa Nada Al Badaie’)


  • More than 620 articles in different topicspublished in newspapers and magazines.


  • Research Papers on:
  • Interfaith Dialogue.
  • The role of Literature in Peace process.
  • Cultural Dialogue.
  • Human rights and women.
  • Other issues.
  • Memberships:
  • Jordanian Writers and Literatures Union.
  • Jordanian Society for Human Rights.
  • League OfIslamic Literature International.
  • Jordan Climate Change &Environment Protection Society
  • Other Social Civil Organizations and cultural centers .










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