Lena Ruth Stefanowitz- Montenegro

Lena Ruth Stefanowitz- Montenegro


Lena Ruth Stefanovic is a poetess  and literary translator from Montenegro.

Published writings  includes a collection of essays, several novelettes, four collections of poetry, as well as novels -The Daughter Of The Childless One [2017] and Aimèe [2020]. She’s included in numerous poetry and prose anthologies, among them: Anthology of Contemporary Montenegrin literature in English language [Katedrala, 2010] ; First Anthology of Montenegrin poetry written by women: Koret on the Asphalt [Zagreb, 2013]; Best European Fiction 2014 [ Dalkey Archive Press, USA]; Poetesses of Montenegro 1970-2015 [Rat­ko­vi­će­ve ve­če­ri po­e­zi­je]; Montenegrin Poetesses [OKF, Cetinje, 2019]; Mysterious Montenegro [Penn State, USA, 2020].

stalked by chronological narration

chased by master plots

haunted by the usual suspects

the characters of high brow prose

damsels in distress

and their cohorts

thorn apart by the cruel world

due sacrifices of the righteous people

of whom  nothing less is expected

ever since the opening sentence

I run away from metamorphs,


and their maturation

from  predictable fables of

strong lions’ and cunning foxes’

irreversible transformations

bypassing allegories and metaphors

I hide

from conventional morals of the story

in the variable curses

of magical conversing

in  unevenly  ­rhymed verses

One Day in Pest

I would have fallen in love

given the time

given the opportunity

given some other reality



given a reality

in which all would be free

to do

to be

in such an unreal reality

i would have certainly had

fallen in love with you


I need a break from words

A day away

From syllables and

Diphtongs  gliding up my throat

I need a break from soft Russian consonants

And hissing Montenegrin sh

I am tired of spelling and checking

Jaded of synonyms and antonyms,

Irked by euphemisms

Drained by equivalents

Bugged by oxymorons

Tired of all the talking

Chatting , bubbling,

Fed up with uttering

I need a pause

On verbal cluttering

Translated to English by the author

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