Linda Ibbotson

Linda Ibbotson was born in Sheffield, England, lived in Switzerland and Germany and travelled extensively throughout Europe, Morocco and India before finally settling in County Cork, S. Ireland in 1995.
A poet, artist and photographer her poetry has been published in various international journals including Levure Litteraire, Iodine, Irish Examiner, California Quarterly, Live Encounters and The Enchanting Verses Literary Review. A selection of Linda’s poems and paintings were published in the newspaper Eastern World Uzbekistan.
Linda also writes a blog ‘Contemplating the Muse’ in which she interviews poets and incorporates her photographs of poetry and classical music events she attends.
She has had poetry read on Phoenix fm radio in Australia, Gersc Radio International Venezuela and formerly written a regular poetry feature in Musicians Together on-line music journal and a feature for Plum Tree Books UK . She was interviewed in the Gallery CRY 104 fm radio. Youghal, Ireland and invited to be a guest on Writers Corner, Cork Community Radio.
Linda was also invited to read at the Abroad Writers Conference, Lismore Castle, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland and Butlers Townhouse.
One of her poems ‘A Celtic Legacy’ was performed in France at a number of venues and on French and Irish radio by Irish musician and performer Davog Rynne.
Linda was invited in May 2015 to be one of the 3 judges for the Rabindranath Tagore Award International in India.
Her painting ‘Cascade’ was used as a CD cover ‘OUTSIDE’ by Irish musician Tony Floyd Kenna.
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