Lorik Sylejmani

Lorik Sylejmani
Born 1972 in Prishtina, Kosovo. Visual Artist.


My art is a reflection but also a collective chromacy which includes an urban culture inside which a phenomenon of a specific communication in the dance sessions of a techno neosphere happens. This communication achieves total harmony during which sounds are converted into colors. This reflection is a reproduction of a simulative communication where vibrations, sounds, and colors create a self – communication of a higher level than common communicative language, which is today only a simple program that does not suit, and is not enough for urban neosphere.

Author of documentaries about Glastonbury Festival in UK, Venice Biennale in Italy, six documentaries about Japan, ‘Japan – the land of raising sun’, a documentary about Laurie Anderson and avantguarde Slovenian band, Laibach.
Lorik Sylejmani has participated in several exhibitions in Kosovo, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Russia, France, Argentina, Belgium and Albania.

Currently works as a professor of History of design and branding.

Solo exhibitions

2012 Chashama Gallery, Chelesea, New York, USA

2012 Tirana Express – Tirana, Albania

1998 Café Gallery ‘KOHA’ – Prishtina, Kosovo

1996 Café Gallery ‘CHELSEA’ – Prishtina, Kosovo

Selected group exhibitions

2016 – New Analogue – Mixer Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2015 – Miami Beach – SCOPE, Miami USA

2015 – Art Now Fair, OXO Tower, London, UK

2015 – Exposure, Pavilion Richelieu – Louvre Museum, Paris, France

2014 – Miami Beach – SCOPE, Miami USA

2014 – Times Square – Eagle sotre – New York, USA

2013 – Creatives Rising – Queens, New York, USA

2012 – Art Takes Times Square, Artist wanted, New York, USA

2012 – Curator Fashion Show Flora Loshi, Swiss Diamond, Kosovo

2011 – Curator ‘Artists of Tomorrow’ – National Gallery of Kosovo

2011- City Gallery, Berat, Albania

2011 – International exhibition ‘Price Muslim Mulliqi’ – National Gallery of Kosovo,

2010 – Art in Mind exhibition, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2010 – International exhibition ‘Price Muslim Mulliqi’ – National Gallery of Kosovo,

2010 – Curator ‘Artists of Tomorrow’ – National Gallery of Kosovo

2010 – International Video Art Limousine Festival – London, United Kingdom

2009 – International exhibition ‘Price Muslim Mulliqi’ – National Gallery of Kosovo,

2008 – Gallery ‘Limunade’ – Prishtina, Kosovo

2006 – ‘Temporary Identites’- National Museum of Arts, Novosibirsk – Russia

2006 – HUN Gallery – New York – USA

2005 – VIDEO GAME, Fortino di S. Antonio Abate (XIV sec.), Bari – Italy

2005 – Eros + Food, Associazione Pro Art – Galleria Sekanina Ferrara – Italy

2005– Urban Flesh and blood, International videoart screening. National Centre for Contemporary Arts -Kaliningrad – Russia.

2004 – ARTISTS OF F.U.N. – Arte Studio Clocchiatti – Udine – Italy

2004 – PLAY III – International Video Art Festival, Museo de Arte ‘Angel M. De Rosa’ – Junin, Buenos Aires – Argentina

2004 – 17 Instant video festival – École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence – Marseille, France

2004 – Biennale internazionale di Ferrara, Salle dell’Imbarcadero del Castello Estense- Ferrara – Italy

2002 – EXPO – The week of Kosova’s desighn– National Gallery of Kosovo -Prishtina

Video Art:

Oxygen 5’ 20’’

Bankrot – Rabbi 3’20’’

Author of TV programs:

6 documentaries about Japan, ‘Japan, the land of sunrise’, 2005

3 documentaries about Venice Biennale, 2007

5 documentaries from Glastonbury festival – UK, 2008, 2009 and 2010

Documentary about multimedia artist Laurie Anderson, 2007

Documentary for band Laibach, 2008

TV show – AVENY, 140 programs –National Television of Kosovo – urban and expermental culture, 2003-2010

TV – Filozofema – National Television of Kosovi, 2015, 2016

Radio show – Pilot Underground 2000 –