Maelstrom – Fahredin Shehu

Maelstrom – Fahredin Shehu


Fahredin Shehu is a highly Noted and Acclaimed World Renowned Poet, Author, Teacher and so much more. He graduated from Prishtina University with a Degree in Oriental Studies.

Fahredin hails from Rahovec, South East of Kosova and has been embraced affectionately for his acutely gifted insightful poetic expressions by the Global Poetry Community. The depth and knowledge of many spiritual aspects that affect Humanity subtly shines through in his work. Pleroma’s Dew is such a graceful work that serves to add to the accolades of this much celebrated Poet / Author / Philosopher.

We are deeply humbled and honored here at Inner Child Press to be able to work with such a Gifted Human Being.


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Being Prelude to the Scrolls
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To my daughter Tamara and my son Reis who are taught to be disgusted by the indifference of Mankind who passively observe the shameful extermination of the Iraqi Mandeans, by the extremists of all sorts in our age?

I imply all my Being in teaching them to love all and fear the malice facing due their future struggle for spreading Love.

Fahredin Shehu
September 2012

Being Prelude to the Scrolls

On a day when the pollen of yellow Crocus
Lifted up in the air, in lined in sonorous harmony
Of the vast beyond all bygones interfering adultery
Remained concrete and visible past

It is the one that bore nothing more as it seems
Then a goblet full of tears

He is called Chosen as the lack of determination
left him empty hands- by the wine arbor in the Sun

He found his secret in the light, where even darkness
can’t unveil it- The Moon was full and the upcoming
day shall be light; imperative of time so to say has
allure and parlor- Its turn to speak as follows
The arrangement of known and unknown agendas

It sounds: I unfurl the Scrolls I bear in my heart and
Keep two in the left hand and another two in the right

for they shall reveal through “The calm eye of the storm“
an audible order what Reality has to correspond and
the laws of its correspondence shall manifest
“Different orders of reality”

What it shall reveal plus words and images
sounds and vibrations which man bore throughout eons
and named them sacerdotal.

I hear it say: Nobody is forbidding you
to be good and it happen to hinder
find hindrance and kill with the smile
thus you communicate glory with gold
and the naked body of the Truth with the ivory

It advises with the ardor: you can’t
forget the wrong-doing done to you
what you should, what you must as
the spiritual modes demand and they are
Fear, Love and Knowledge.
You can also remember good-doing done
to you; what you must

Try to forget the wrong- doing and
remember the part of it only as lesson.

Try also to remember the wholeness
of good-doing so you give lesson to others.

You get married, then love the children
to multiply the volume of the circle
who envelopes you with unlimited love.

Since you used to be loved by your parents and
You hardly live without love of others; therefore
You merge the chain of love for your sake.

You read in order to see your surrounding soul-mate
and feel your sociability,
You also read to remove the dark curtain of ignorance
but when you wish to enlighten; you follow the footsteps
of those who walked before…

When you see the signs- you name them
while the traveler laugh upon since you name them
with your vocabulary and think that you have
discovered a dimension nobody dared
to step in or go beyond.

While in coenobium of yourselves; you give
eloquent sermons and Ego stands and rebel;
My entire life was a struggle to become nothing
more than a normal Human.
The “Other” in a hush speaks volumes of past lives
The Other of the Other yet silent repents
for a collective sin- the Grand Ego advertises
the uniqueness of Wisdom he was gifted and
celebrates with laudable fanfare that says:
finally I realized… in order to please everybody and
make them happy- you ought to forget yourself and
your entire happiness in there
you gain a spiritual liberation.

Then you shall see the lips of heaven
full of blood and shinning epithelium
Where there’s no scarlet to compare
this lips kissed my Plexus and fertilized my womb.

The Mother I shall become to eternal progeny
forever young; the embodiment of the first newborn
Shall I bestow a king to the world
a wise and just; loved by the crowd and
Turba and beloved of Almighty

You may watch but touching will cost you a treasure
forbidden kingdom; the wish become a permanent
suffer of the gluttonous child- is it age or is it a human
yet immature to grasp unease struggle?
It comes in jet; un-intercessor for days and
all what time has to offer while I by stand
the flying fishes and the floating elephants all over
is it a survival what I offer to you
who may even touch without paying a dime

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