Malek Saleh Aweed

Malek Saleh Aweed


The Anthem of Agony

Be with me, my Princess !
Do not fear
On the walls of the soul
you I’ve engraved
since your love deep dived
into the depths of mine

To my screams
do respond and do turn back
Do not let
the nightmare of regret
accompany me

My words abandoned me
They chase you to make you hear
the anthems of agony I bear

With my tears
the distances I will reduce
and by the boat of my eyelashes
I will sail to you

Silence no longer has sense
Listen to my heart !
cheering up your love
at the top of its pulses

I was born in the province of Maysan , Al Majar Al Kabeer
disterct in the south of Iraq in 1986 .
I won numerous awards in the field of poetry
Member of the “International Organization of Arab culture” in “Finland” .
Member of the “Arab Association for Culture and Literature”.
I got first place in the “Arab League contest”.
I got second place in the fishing lures poetry contest.
I got third place in the “Cultural House contest” in Dhi Qar province.
I got third place in the competition of the “Egyptian Creativity Association”.
Honored in the capital Baghdad on Iraqi youth.
Honored by the President of the Council of Maysan province.
Honored by the director of Maysan’s Health.
Honored by the Cultural Forum in Al Majar Al Kabeer .
Honored by the echo of literary chapters Foundation.
Honored by the imprint creativity.
Honored by the Tunisian Cultural House.
Printed me a collection of poems shared longing palm of the House committees in Germany.
participated in many poetry festivals, published poems in the magazine of Mareege thought, newspaper of Arab Cultural House crafts in India, Iraq’s Al-Mustaqbal newspaper,
Al-Rasheed cultural newspaper, Evidence cultural newspaper,Al Qanateer cultural newspaper, Maysan cultural newspaper, Magazine Writers of the university, Iraqi newspaper reported today, Sanabel cultural newspaper, Albanian international network site has been translated my poems into the English language and the language of Italian and Spanish.
I work as a Human rights activist, And I worked in Al Maysanee Civil House for civic activism to serve the citizens and the laying of the spirit of love and tolerance among all communities and religions. Because poetry is a love letter extinguished the fire of terrorism and extremism, love will triumph over war.
Poetry is our passport, which will make us get into all the countries of the world….
Poetry is the one , which will make the hearts embrace and kisses dancing in the oasis of peace……

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