Olfa Philo

Olfa Philo


Olfa Philo (Drid) is an engagé writer from Tunisia and holds a PhD in American literature. She is an English teacher and a former international volleyball player.  Her cause as a poet is to voice the buried emotions and phobias of the oppressed and the downtrodden as well as to unmask and expose hidden truths socially considered as taboo or shameful. She is a female rebel at heart who wages war against injustice, marginalization, intimidation, objectification, subjugation and violence against the « inferior » and powerless groups. Her nuclear weapons in this war are peaceful yet bullet-like words targeted straight to the hearts, brains and souls of her readers in order to trigger their thoughts, resurrect their dead souls, make them face their own demons and restore their anaesthetized humanness. Her poems have appeared in different online and print literary journals in USA, UK, Canada, India, Asia, China, Albania, Philippines, Serbia, Belgium, Iraq and Italy. Some of her poems have been translated into Arabic, Serbian, Chinese, Albanian and Assamese. She has published so far a play entitled Sublime Revenge,  a collection of poetry entitled Un)jailed and another collection entitled Female Aches. She has recently created her youtube channel where she uploaded some videos of her recited and illustrated poems.


Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChMcYZtsitYOCixxYM5Kz5g



Female Aches https://www.createspace.com/6880348

(Un)jailed:  https://www.amazon.com/…/dp/1516817494/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1…

Sublime Revenge:  https://www.amazon.com/Sublime-Revenge-Olfa-Philo-Drid/dp/1516854969/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492413072&sr=8-1&keywords=sublime+revenge+by+olfa+philo


International publications:   https://web.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200170465499750.1073741834.1694791042&type=3





in my mouth, my tongue is


how to compete with lies and vain speech?


in my head, my brain is


too many shallow minds to teach


in my chest, my heart is


too many black hearts to bleach


in my face, my worth is


all other talents ‘him’ impeach


the ‘golden’ cage? my dreams are


kids, kitchen, bed, the rest out of reach


in my body, my soul is


needs to break free and my bones breach


in/on earth my body is


for  F  R   E  E  D  O  M

how long shall i screech ?



A Fairy-tale romance

you wake up every morning
to the lovely smile of the wall,
then the bathroom winks at you
such a seductive wink …

once tempted, you find yourself
sneaking into the other rooms
to caress the sensual furniture…

after kissing & cuddling the
soft pillows and cozy blankets,
you’re gripped by the
irresistible touch of the kitchen
where you have to massage
the insatiable dishes while
thinking about the available
ingredients to concoct the daily
bewitching recipe of happiness …

meanwhile your soul is being rocked to and fro
with the musical voices of your ‘civilized’ kids
enjoying silent games…

every now and then you & your partner
exchange romantic compliments about
the grocery list, the expenses, the bills or
the secret love affairs with the high-tech gadgets
which end up mostly with a heartfelt hug…


once the ‘last supper’ is consumed,
the perfume of the dustbin starts
tickling your noses, hence foreshadowing a
hot intercourse on the horizon…



Tunisia, the tempting female

tired of your possessiveness & lust disguised as love!
every one who weds me becomes addicted…

don’t need faithful lovers,
i really crave adulterers!

a three or five year- relationship is enough
then leave me in peace!

first i was raped & held hostage for seven whole decades
by a stranger then a brave guy emancipated me from him

only to mistake me for his own exclusive property &
exhausted all my energy & reserves for long decades…

then another handsome guy kicked out the senile one &
became addicted in turn to my flesh & bones;

he abused my body, bruised my heart, jailed my soul
& precipitated my wrinkles & white hair…

but my silenced & sleepy offspring woke up by then
from their hypnosis & came immediately to my rescue;

they chased him out of my house with no return ticket
after long weeks of grappling and violent conflicts …

once released from the grips of these glue-like guys,
many have lusted after me ever since;

the foolish, the drunkard, the childish, the sly, the zealot,
the wise, the pious, the laic, the modern, the postmodern…

yet most of them were driven by their lust & greed & were
keen on consumption & possession & ignored the essence of love…

they also neglected my role as a mother & overlooked my kids’ basic needs…
now my offspring are quite mature, fearless & conscious of their own rights

hence they won’t tolerate any more the intrusion of a new stepfather
with the same intention of belittling, mistreating or marginalizing them…

so here is my announcement:

any new pretender to the throne of my heart should now know in advance
that my offspring & myself are but one & the same person

and therefore must show his willingness to cherish both of us
beyond measure, otherwise spare me your incurable headaches &

“sans mari” !


Magnetic woman 

Magnetic woman

walking down the street

turning heads,

blowing minds,

blocking  traffic

making hearts beat

for her, some displayed their cars

& offered her rides,

others displayed their

financial muscles and castles,

others couldn’t help singing her praises,

others with their pants down

tempted her expectations to rise!


but when she turned a blind eye on them,

they felt belittled & darted her ears

with insults, blasphemes &

obscene words…

disgusted by their incorrigible heat

by their awful offers unfit,

carried on her way

her head held HIGH

laughing secretly

at their ‘shit’!


wondering about

the frailty of those so–to-speak ‘proud’ lions

at her sight turning into sheep,

about the domestic cats

metamorphosing all of a sudden

into wolves,

about those barking dogs

hungry for her ‘meat’…


she knew she had such power

to have them all under her feet,

but just had pity for those

mere ‘puppets’ with

neither souls nor wit…


Had they perceived the

beating diamond

she’s housing inside,

they would have been

dazzled by its light &

recovered reason and insight,

they would have been ashamed

of the inert diamonds of

their trivial trade,

they would have been

ashamed of being unable

to hit their target

ashamed of reducing themselves

to beasts…


Revolution Seeds

Revolution doesn’t spring from

the touristic coastal towns,

it springs from the ones

for ages trodden down


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones dwelling in the city,

it springs from the country dwellers

whose shortages invoke pity


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the privileged caste,

it springs from the ones

whose dreams are harassed


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the  clean ones with full belly,

it springs from the ones

whose clothes are smelly

Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones whose rooms they confound,

It springs from the ones

whose bed is the ground


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones with fortune and fame,

It springs from the ones

whose tomorrow is a lottery game


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones curing at a clinic,

It springs from the ones

whose diseases are chronic


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones with cars and lands,

it springs from

the beggars’ empty hands


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones with an iPad, iPhone & PC

it springs from the ones

whose nests include no WC


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the well-fed employees,

it springs from the jobless ones

who are brought to their knees


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones spicing up their pleasures,

it springs from the ones

whose pains are beyond measures


Revolution doesn’t spring from

those enjoying heaters and conditioners,

it springs from the fighters

and petitioners


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones whose joy is their sole emotion,

it springs from the ones

whose  tears filled the ocean


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones bathing in bliss and peace,

it springs from the ones

denuded by the police


Revolution doesn’t spring from

the ones whose life is a glow,

It springs from the ones

whose life is a Death-Show !    



lovE  spellS

when your eyelids refuse to bow

to the night’s king and rest a while

when you no longer know why? How?

your erotic dreams link & compile

So …

by love spells you are now gripped

& of your brain you are s t r i p p e d


when the sight of your lover’s face

makes your weak body catch fever

and your heartbeats start to race

of a rosy life you are a weaver


by love spells you are now gripped

& of your brain you are  s t r i p p e d

when your life pendulum breaks down

and you no longer set south from north

on your lover’s head you put a crown

before his/her eyes go back and forth

So …

by love spells you are now gripped

& of your brain, you are  s t r i p p e d

when you start tremblin’ while hearin’

your beloved’s voice on the phone

at his words’echo start a –shiverin’

and everything for his/her sake postpone

So …

by love spells you are now gripped

& of your brain you are s t r i p p e d

when you are healthy yet feel sick

in his absence heart and soul ache

in your memory he/she plays at ‘hide and seek’

and your senses with passion  do shake


by love spells you are now gripped

& of your brain you are  s t r i p p e d

when present yet absent- minded

to people’s talk, you become deaf

dreamin’ wonderin’ and blinded

by your future nest and family chef

So …

by love spells you are now gripped

& of your brain  you are  s t r i p p e d

when all your strengths do fall apart

in his/her arms  like a candle melt

in fusion, eternallifestarts


So …

from Earth’s edges you are kicked

by planet Venus you’ve been PICKED…


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