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Pia Tafdrup, www.tafdrup.com, was born on 29 May 1952 in Copenhagen. She made her literary debut in 1981 and has till now published 17 collections of poetry: When an Angel Breaks her Silence, 1981; No Hold, 1982; The Innermost Zone, 1983; Spring Tide, 1985 (Eng. 1989); White Fever, 1986; The Bridge of Moments, 1988; The Crystal Forest, 1992; Territorial Song. A Jerusalem Cycle, 1994; Queen´s Gate, 1998 (Eng. 2001); Thousand Born 1999; The Salamander Quartet: The Whales in Paris, 2002 (Eng. in Tarkovsky´s Horses 2010); Tarkovsky´s Horses, 2006 (Eng. Tarkovsky´s Horses & Other Poems 2010), Boomerang, 2008 and Birds of Compass. Poems. Gyldendal 2010 (Eng. Salamander Sun & Other Poems 2015), Salamander Sun 2012(Eng. Salamander Sun & Other Poems 2015). Latest: The Taste of Steel 2014 and The Taste of Snow 2016. Furthermore she has published a statement of her poetics, Walking over the Water, 1991 about her poetic method and Jump Across The Shadow. Selected Poems 1981-2006, 2007. Pia Tafdrup has written two novels, Surrender, 2004 and Star Without Land, 2008, two plays, Death in the Mountains, 1988, also produced for radio, The Earth Is Blue, 1991 and a libretto to a dance, The Town of Viso, 1999 and she has edited two anthologies of contemporary Danish poetry, Constellations – an Anthology of Danish Poems, 1982 and Transformations. Poetry 1980-1985, 1985. A portraitfilm, Thousand Born was made by Cæcilia Holbek Trier for Cosmo Film a/s in 2003. (DVD Tusindfødt. Portrætfilm Tafdrup GB. Cæcilia Holbek Trier. ISBN 8702041340. 2005)

In 1989 Pia Tafdrup was elected member of The Danish Literary Academy. In 2009 Pia Tafdrup was elected member of The European Academy of Poetry. English versions of her poems have appeared in more than fifty literary journals in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Poems have been translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, Rumanian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese. Pia Tafdrup has received a three year scholarship for authors from the Danish State Art Foundation, 1984; Holger Drachmann´s Grant, 1986; Henri Nathansen´s Birthday-Grant, 1987; Otto Rung´s Grant, 1987; Tagea Brandt´s Grant, 1989; Edith Rode´s Grant, 1991; Einar Hansens´s Grant, 1991; N. Bang´s Grant, 1992, Anckerske Grant, 1994; The Literature Prize of Weekend Avisen, 1995; The Grant in Memory of Morten Nielsen, 1995; Emil Aarestrup´s Medal, 1996; Danish Literature Prize for Women from Ragna Sidén´s Foundation, 1997; Lifelong Artists´ Grants 1998 and The Nordic Council´s Literature Prize, 1999. In 2001 she was appointed Knight of The Order of Dannebrog. The Nordic Prize 2006 from The Swedish Academy and The Ján Smrek Prize. Slovakia, 2009

The Smell of Snow

Pia Tafdrup: The Smell of Snow. Poems Gyldendal 2016. Cover: Ida Balslev-Olesen. The poem is translated by David McDuff

The Smell of Snow

The fish catches its food
and itself is caught, has its head
cut off with a cracking sound,
the smell of fish blood rises while
under the knife the fish still twitches.

The light bones and feathers
lie scattered among grass and stones,
where the bird circled in the air,
smelled its way to earthworms in the soil,
before the marten consumed its meal.

On the grassy plains a hungry wolf
goes after the sheep’s bellies and guts,
on the carcasses the ribs
are gnawed away, flies and worms
take care of the last remnants.

In the dust among the rubble of war
the wounded lie,
I recognize the smell,
when an angel breaks its silence.

In the dust among the rubble of war
lie the dead,
victims of a bloody hour, who once
lay in wombs,
must now be placed in the grave
infinitely close to our hearts.

Breathing, collision,
the locations accumulate,
rocks and clods of earth,
the whole world is a crime scene.


Queen’s Gate

Queen’s Gate

Bathing in a drop’s quiet light
I remember how I came into being:
A pencil stuck in my hand,
my mother’s cool hand around mine, it was warm.
– And then we wrote
in and out between coral reefs,
an undersea alphabet of arches and apexes
of snail-shell spirals, of starfish points,
of gesticulating octopus arms,
of cave vaults and rock formations.
Letters that vibrated and found their way,
dizzy over the white.
Words like flat fish that flapped
and dug themselves into the sand
or swaying sea anemones with hundreds of threads
in quiet motion at the same time.
Sentences like streams of fish
that grew fins and rose,
grew wings and moved in a rhythm,
throbbing like my blood, that blindly
beat stars against the heart’s night sky,
when I saw that her hand had let mine go,
that I had long ago written myself out of her grasp.

Queen’s Gate 1998, Bloodaxe 2001, translated by David McDuff

The Earth is Blue

Play, 1991

The Earth is Blue
The earth could be blue, as in Laura’s paintings. And full of love. But love and art are often in conflict with one another despite their common utopia.
Laura is an artist on her way to a breakthrough – and mother of two sons in their early twenties. Laura has lived a life free of obligations, driven solely by what she wanted to do here and now.
But after a love affair with a young man the same age as her sons, her life changes. She fights to unify the three roles of her existence: mother, lover, artist.
In The Earth is Blue a suggestion is made of what happens when the father is absent. What happens when no one dares to be “grown-up”, when no one takes responsibility.

Translated by Thomas E. Kennedy


You stiffen, poisoned by sudden dread
while the day founders and changes color
and the blood behind a steadily rising pulse
spreads pain into the finest vessels
where it flutters around like ash
that a wingbeat lifts above the embers
until the heart that coral tree
acutely blossoming stands still in a cramp,
on the point of drowning in its own blood
For who can go on his way immune
in a city where people live separated
like shards of the same dream
The darkness piercing a stranger
– will the hatred invade you?
Like shrapnel that gnaws into your flesh
far, far from that morning when, new-born
you were blessed by the first light.

Territorial Song 1994, translated by Roger Greenwald

Translated works

In Arabic


الكيد المرتدّ (Boomerang). Translated by Jamal Jumá. Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc. Beirut 2010

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About Pia Tafdrup in Arabic:

قصائد لـ”بيا تافدغوب” من الأدب الدنماركي –
جريدة الصباح – بيا تافدغوب.. شهوة الحياة وقلق الموت
november 2010



In Bengali

Anthologies, Magazines:

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Online magazine “Sahitya-Cafe” http://www.sahityacafe.com/?p=1198

About Pia Tafdrup in Bengali:

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In Bosnian

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In Croatian

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In Hebrew


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In Indian



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In Japanese

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In Latvian

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3 poems translated and read by Farzaneh Dorri:
Marriage (Ægteskab): http://youtu.be/2mLiDBD3KHE
Free the Inner Songs (Befri de indvendige sange): http://youtu.be/4hP6iMmYzS8
The Words travel (Ordene rejser): http://youtu.be/-CL-cZvCK-I

In Polish

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In Rumanian

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In Russian

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In Slovakian


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In Slovenian


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In Spanish


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In Switzerland

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In Turkish


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Information about Pia Tafdrup:

In Vietnamese

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