Professor Yang Siping’s New Book “Narratology Of Modern Chinese Poetry” Has Been...

Professor Yang Siping’s New Book “Narratology Of Modern Chinese Poetry” Has Been Published


The new book “Narratology of Modern Chinese Poetry” by Professor Yang Siping from Shanghai International Studies University in China was officially published by China· People’s Publishing House in May 2024 and is publicly offering at home and abroad.This book explores the origin, evolution, means, forms, mechanisms, laws, and literary historical significance of narrative in Modern Chinese Poetry from the dimensions of modernity and “segment”. In addition to an introduction, a deepening conclusion and an appendix, the book has a total of 8 main contents, which sequentially discuss the causes and historical evolution of narrative in Modern Chinese Poetry, as well as the narrative in narrative poetry, lyrical poetry, realistic narrative, presentation narrative, situational narrative and ” segment ” narrative (“visual segment”, “auditory segment” and “synaesthesia segment” narrative). In summary, under the control of the modernity of Modern Chinese Poetry, the narrative of Modern Chinese Poetry has formed a relatively mature narrative system composed of narrative poetry, lyrical poetry, realistic narrative, presentation narrative and situational narrative, ultimately attributed to the ” segment” of Modern Chinese Poetry.The greatest theoretical contributions of the book are at least two: firstly, it systematically sorts out, clarifies, summarizes, extracts, and deeply describes the knowledge lineage and generation mechanism of modern chinese poetry narrative from the theoretical height of modern poetics. For the first time it proposes and elucidates the grand and significant proposition of “modern chinese poetry narrative” in the form of a thick monograph; secondly, in addition to the well-known “lyrical tradition” of Modern Chinese Poetry, it extracts and summarizes the hidden and subtle “narrative tradition” of Modern Chinese Poetry, and then believes that Modern Chinese Poetry is constantly developing under the influence of these two traditions through “dual wheel drive”.

Introduction to Yang Siping

Professor of Shanghai International Studies University, permanent member of the World Poets Congress, and Deputy Director of the Chinese Office of the World Poets Congress. He is mainly engaged in cross-cultural and comparative literature research, as well as contemporary Chinese literature research. He has published 16 Chinese literature books including “Narratology of Modern Chinese Poetry”, “Cross cultural Dialogue and Imagination”, “Historical Criticism of Chinese Modern Chinese Poetry”, “Mainstream of Modern Chinese Poetry in the 20th Century”, and edited “The Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes Investigation”, “English Translation Series of Contemporary Chinese Poetry”, and compiled various Chinese literature books such as “Rongzhai Essays” and “Night Boat”.