Dr. Susheel Kumar Sharma (b. 1962) has been serving the University of Allahabad as a Professor of English since 2003. He has published four books, thirty-five research papers, five interviews and twenty-eight book-reviews. He is also on the editorial panel of some journals. Some of his work can be viewed at Dr Sharma is a creative writer too. Some of his poems have been published in Canada, France, Ireland, Scotland, the UK and the USA. A collection of more than thirty reviews of his first poetry book, From the Core Within (1999, ISBN: 81-85231- 27-3) has been published under the title Bricks and Bouquets (Ed. Sanjeev Kumar, New Delhi: Creative Books, 2008, pp xxxii + 69, ISBN: 81-85231- 32-X). Prof Sharma’s second collection of poems The Door is Half Open (ISBN: 978-81- 8435-341- 9, 2012, New Delhi: Adhyayan) has been received very well. Some of his poems have been translated into Assamese, French, Hindi, Lithuanian, Serbian and Turkish languages.

Prof. Sharma lives with his family at Vishrut, 5 MIG, Govindpur, Near Uptron Crossing, Allahabad – 211 004, India. He may be contacted on phone no. +91-532- 2542514, on Mobile phone no. 09450868483, 08173872609 and on e-mail: <>

(Susheel Kumar Sharma)


  1. The World in Words


Look, what do the words say

About the world?

The layered world has four colours.

“Colours do not matter.”

“Bright radiates like God,

Dark absorbs like evil

Brown resembles devil

Yellow is Mammon.”

“Everybody lives fine.”

“The world is progressing,

It is moving on with a steady pace.”

“Live comfortably,

Live cosily,

We have five star facilities.

We arrange the best tours

And provide the best taxi services

And also the wonderful escorts.”

The rest depends on dollars

That you may spend;

God has given you intelligence

Enough I suppose.”

“Haven’t you been accredited with seven stars?”

“Do the stars really matter?”

“The magi were guided by

The Star to the messiah.

‘The Plough’ has been christened the sapt rishis.

The fault lies in us not in the stars.

Constellations matter and so do the stars.”

“We name the stars,

We assign them places.

We give them values.

We value gold and gulf-oil

Not the stars

We are the masters

Of our fate and yours.

The galaxy belongs to us

We don’t allow

Anyone to touch the moon. ”



“To taste

The best wines

You have to land here,

Don’t you know our history?

It’s available in French,

Spanish and of course English.

Doesn’t matter if you speak

Arabic or Persian

If the pockets carry enough petro-dollars.

Petrol can easily be exchanged

For wine. We have the oldest cellars, you know.”


“What is petrol? What good is it?

What worth is it?

It runs automobiles only,

Causes pollution,

Increases carbon monoxide

Adds to global warming.”

“Half a pint of red wine

Cures half of the mental ills.

The rest half is cured

By the BMW’s and the Kalashnikovs.”

Olive branches are good

For embellshments only.



Listen, O hungry and thirsty ones!

“Blessed are those that

Live hungry for they’ll inherit

The Kingdom of God at an early date.

Blessed are those that

Live thirsty for they’ll witness

God’s miracles at an early date.”

Packaged meals and water bottles

Are not the freebies for men

Send your girls to collect them;

What is physical violation?

Blessed are those that are pure in heart,

God sees hearts and not bodies;

No price tag provides

Purity of heart;

Don’t give that a fig;

The colour of blood

Does not change.

Remain meek if you

Wish to inherit the world.

Intolerant people

Make intolerant nations

Those need to be bombarded

To create new territories.

Blessed are the dove-lovers,

For they will be called the

Invisible sons of god.

Visible sons are crucified

God abandons them here

For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

There is no DNA test

To judge their paternity;

Crossing the boundaries

They reach another world

To be declared orphans and mad

Blessed are those who are persecuted

For righteousness’ sake.

Don’t be poor in spirit

Don’t lose your heart

For the kingdom of heaven

Is to be brought here.



Margie has been wandering

Speaking Russian, Italian and English

From India to Egypt from there to London

From New York to Mexico from there to Trichi.

She just mumbles, “I’m all alone in this world.”

John has been wandering

Speaking Spanish, French and Portuguese

From Goa to Jaipur from there to Sao Polo

From Tokyo to Quebec From there to Moscow.

He just mumbles, “I’m all alone in this world.”

They do not meet on the London Bridge;

Listening to sad music they

Cry in the crowded places and

Long for a companion to share a bed.

Raju and Sheeba make fun of them.

They share each other’s grief and

Peanuts earned on the lawns of India Gate.



What are you doing: raids,

No fear of media?

I control them.

Human rights?

I create them.

What are you searching: weapons,

How do you know?

I supplied them.

Mastermind dies?

Not a soul cares.

Returning of awards?


Two hoots.

Not a soul stirs.

No conscience pricks.

What is happening?

What are you doing?

God is hardly surprised.

“Rejoice and be glad,

For your reward is great in heaven,

For so they persecuted

The prophets who were before you.”



It’s time to rejoice

The profit of the company

Has grown twenty times in five years.

We can now spend more in social service

And human welfare.

Community lunch is being provided.

It is supervised by famous chef Lee

Of Ashoka Hotel fame.

Dresses are being distributed

It is supervised by a famous model

Of Rina Dhaka’s designs.

A medical camp is held

It is supervised by famous doctors

Of Medanta Hospitals.

Best wines will be served

You have to wait till evening.

It will be supervised by Ramani Bina.

No one asks for an ID.

No one questions the PM.

Why daren’t I ask

“Have they paid

Their taxes?”

No one cares if you don’t join.

There has been no rain this year;

Are gods showing their displeasure?



Dreams had been created

When I did not even know

Dreams can be had only by a sleeping person.

The entangle between how to dream big

And the big dreams have always confused me.

Big towers, big hotels, big industries

Big parties, big cars, big walls

Perhaps created big dreams.

I forgot about the big sun, big moon and big earth.

Bigger Jupiter and Saturn were soon missing

Even in the lullabies, poems and stories.

The shadow of the ever growing

Multi-storey walls slowly grew

Larger and larger

And the sun behind them

Became farther and farther.

The shadows grew larger and larger

Darkness became darker and darker

Dampness slowly covered the entire arena

Moss spread around and slowly

The dreams were reduced to patches.

Should I be afraid of smallness?

They say large amounts of energy comes

From the smallest atoms.

Should I clear the moss

Or smash the walls to bring in more sun

Or trace out my dreams even in the moss?


Democracy has come

Let us celebrate and dance

Equality has come let us sing and dance

We are free now let us rejoice and dance

I love my freedom let me leap into the sky.

I need not fear anybody

We can hold your hand now and pray

We need not be afraid of any dissent

Democracy has dawned.

To stand on my own feet had been


(Susheel Kumar Sharma)

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