Wang Tong- China

Wang Tong- China


Tears of Saint Laurent

By Wang Tong

Brief Introduction of Wang Tong

Wang Tong, student of the second senior research class (chief editor class) of Lu Xun College of Arts. He is a member of China Writers’ Association and Beijing Writers’ Association, a member of Beijing photographers’ Association, a director of China prose society, vice chairman of writers’ Association of Dongcheng District in Beijing, chairman of press and publication branch of China Democratic League, and visiting professor of Luoyang Normal University. He has published more than a million words in short stories, essays and poems. His works have won many awards. His poems won the fourth Chinese long poem award, the first prize of the great literary award, the 100 most powerful Chinese poets in the world for a century of Chinese new poetry, and the second Bingxin prose award. Qianhai poetry Bronze Award. The collection of poems “looking for Voyager 1” was published by the writer’s publishing house.

Tears of Saint Laurent

By Wang Tong


The chaotic world is turbid, miasma-diffused, dark and closed,

The thunder gives birth to me with three heads, six arms, four eyes and eight claws.

With a python’s body, an alligator’s head, a deer’s horns and a tiger’s eyes,

Twinkled with starlight, my body is covered with red scales.

A damned black umbrella is hooked by my lizard legs,

Under the umbrella I stand, while the wings of a goshawk is flitting over the knife-liked tail of a white shark,

The long whiskers of a whale’s are hanged on the Penglai cliff.

I’m a monster. I’m a freak,

I come down like a ghost.

But I’m Adonis, a beautiful man of mixed blood,

But like a magnificent witch with a beautiful double-faced profile.

Wandering around, I’m in all directions,

Passing over a thousand hundred fields,

A mirage pushes out the submerged ancient city of Pompeii.

I am blown by the wind, washed out by the shower,

I fall on the earth from the crevice of clouds.

Under the dome all mankind are covered with hypocritical lust,

Their selfish desires and greediness expand and become conquest

I am playing a keyboard instrument and singing,

The song spews out characters,

Fonts fly into people’s hearts like birds,

The river is as if a pregnant woman,

A woman is pregnant and ready to feed,

A house is made of words, and words become wind, and due to words, the splashed ink became a rive.

Drawing tiger does not make a dog, a dog-liked head, is engraved on an animal bone,

My head is my antennae against the haven,

The rock paintings in the cave are branded with ox-heads and horse-faces.

My savage roaring, uttering a series of soft crosstalk,

In the crosstalk, there is an expression of love,

Off her blood-sucked coat, the enchantress enjoys the love expression,

She reveals her beautiful Maternal body.

From the body, I am reborn, and raised,

I’m playing jigsaw puzzle with red, orange, yellow and green colors,

The bear-teethed Mickey Mouse’s mouth hissed,

A sharp kiss is so deep and so hard.

I am nourished by the warm marine climate,



My head is an earth,

On the top of my head covered with grass and trees.

My pupils are crescent spring and sun-lake,

The spring drips into a river, and the lake-waves surge against the bank,

Transparent moonlight reflects into my clear eyes and.

Go boating and I arrive to a haven,

The two poles of the earth have distinct longitude and latitude lines

Like the texture of autumn watermelon.

I stretch out my arms and pulled up like a jet,

Flying over the zoo, the animal-liked clouds,

I cross my hands behind my head and close my eyes,

It becomes a burning heavy rocket

Through the cluster, the sun and the moon,

I’m breathing, I’m panting,

My lung lobes are two hemispheres,

There are golden chickens and knives, rhinoceros and hounds.

I live between the Vitality rising and sinking

The erect male and the overflowing female,

The roc flies in the sky, and the snake crawls in the ground,

Panda is gnawing bamboo, mole ants are looking for their nest.

My muscles are made of cement, and my bones are made of steel,

The high-rise buildings over clouds are built by reinforced concrete.

I stand between heaven and earth,

I lie on the top of a mountain.

My red blood cells are the places gathering rivers, lakes and seas,

My white blood cells roam in the air.

My crystal eyes melt into the Milky way, a myriad of stars glittering.

The sector of the solar system radiates on the shells,

The black hole of the universe extends in the darkness of Kurubara.

My cortex, my pituitary gland, sets up the mantle layer of the earth’s orifices,

The volcano erupted with the thick brain-liked magma,

The magma has melted and become the rolling debris flow.

I’m a living being,

The world is consisted of lives.


I am a man of a long life

Over 200 years old.

I am a legend in the myth,

Over thousands of centuries,

My story is told in sweetness and bitterness.

My legs stand up as a monument to history,

My confused growth is written on it.

I jump into the Atlantic Ocean with feet and hands,

Become a warship,

I’m diving as a nuclear submarine.

Challenging the invasion of “sea wolf”

Fire to enemy and made their ships sunken.

Wipe out all the Nazi’s underwater weasels.

I know I came from fish,

I drill through the crack in the shell of an oyster

The mucus from the depths of the sea has spewed me out.

I’m a whale jumping over the huge waves,

I am degenerated into a ferocious white shark.

The Pearl’s harbor is filled with tremendous explosions,

Schools of flying fish come down from the sky.

The pearls are crushed into powder

The harbor has become a slaughterhouse.

We are shattered in the sound of the explosion,

I swim to Midway Island.

The bodies of whale and shark are bitten by flying fish,

I become a dish,

I swallow the steel of the carrier.

I climb up the bank,

I’m tired of soaking in water

I become an amphibian.

I’m running wildly down the road,

I’m talking hysterically.

I see a beautiful mushroom-cloud,

Bright lightning in the clouds has pierced the dark day.


I know a man who is my kind,

He’s my brother and sister,

He is my parents’ uncle.

He often wades to eat our race,

He spreads his net and opens his big mouth,

Drop the bait and let’s gather for food,

And then we’ll all be caught.

His net lifted us from deep water to the top of the mast,

He throws away us on the deck.

We struggled to bounce back to the ocean,

Their sharp hooks pierced our gill fins,

Their sharp knives have stripped us of our armor-liked scales,

Hollowed out all organs, and be dried in the sun, be salted,

We are fried and fried, and the deliciousness over the restaurant.

There is no place for us to hide in the sea,

Even the ocean has no shelter for us.

Little fish have been salvaged and the red shrimps are dying out.

We swim to the further ocean,

We fled to the Arctic and Antarctic seas,

They’re still tracking us,

Their whaling boat shoots out the tows.

The protestors gathering,

Green leaves are draped over the naked protesters.

Their speedboats hitting the whaling boat,

Trying to die with it.

But the protesters are named of criminals and are detained.

We are driven to the branch of the river,

We all rush to the beach to commit suicide.

“Criminals” pouring water to save us,

We are determined to die,

To die with the people who ate us.

I was born in the ocean,

I carry the evolutionary genes,

The Mariana Trench is the door to my new world,

Inside the door, we are dancing with dinosaurs,

Sawfish swim with us,

The undersea world is where we were born billions of years ago.


The globe is spinning on my neck,

Ring exercise, Tropic of cancer and the meridian belt in my waist.

In my chest and back there Panosia and primitive land entangled,

Northern hemisphere on my left lobe and the southern one on my right lobe,

The B-ultrasound of the sun shows half of my motherland,

Some calcification in my left lung is checked,

My right lung is streaked.

Smoke rises from the left lung,

The army of bacteria in the smoke cross the border and attack the heart,

The garrison brigade come out of the right lung and resists the invasion.

My heart is choking and building a trestle,

The legions in chariots gather from the center of the heart,

Through the trestle, across the bloodstream River to meet the enemy,

The wartime command post is in the left atrium, and the headquarters of staff in the right,

The map spread out in the lungs, and the乄 rays penetrate the enemy’s position,

The rocket launcher is loaded with antibiotic hard or soft capsules of Ephedra and musk,

Gunfire in Sector shooting pour down to the swarming invaders,

The mulberry-leaf-liked land has been eroded into a deformed chicken shape,

As a result, it has developed a chronic fatigue disease,

Asthma is common and cough is constant.

I take all kinds of Chinese and Western medicine for asthma,

The sounds of Cough often remind me of strengthening the body.

Penicillin brings me the chance of survival,

Boiling Chinese medicine sneaks into the blood of Yin Yang and five elements.

The drugs make me dizzy,

The elixir enlightens my mind again.

I start to build steel arms,

I’m going to make the legs as strong as the golden cudgel.

My legs stand upright and become a mountain,

Ox-headed mount and horse-headed mount,

The death squads from the top of the mountain charge into the enemy’s line with explosive bags.

I’ve blown up all the forts and bunkers,

My lungs begin to breathe freely.


The Face is my heaven,

Above, my God, my Buddha sitting there,

The gate of heaven is on my forehead.

Open the gate of heaven,

The magic world keep pulling at me.

Here, the stars are bright and golden flowers splash,

The moon rises up as huge as to cover the sky.

Each golden flower bursts out a whirling spirit,

Some of them are my parents,

But some elves are my enemies.

Among them, strange-shaped dwarfs jump out in colorful light,

The dwarfs shuttle between the clouds.

The Moon turns Chang’e to be my love,

I hug the jade-white plump figure,

Kissing each other the clouds rising from the sky,

Her lips as red as the haze,

Her breasts tremble in the moonlight.

I hug her tightly,

In the sky,

I suck her deep eyes crazily,

In the stars she gave birth to a life.

You can’t see my living state,

I’m made of hydrogen. I’m silicon.

I twinkle in the meteor, and I am the singer of the ghost,

Your myth is the words era I have opened,

Your philosophers are our messengers.

Thoughts like a river current flow at great speed,

Quantum mechanics explodes from the nucleus,

Churning up the electrons, neutrons and protons in one day,

Waves and particles spin and entangle,

Round colored balls are flying in the void,

The stream of consciousness surges out of my heaven gate.

I am walking down Albert Street,

I’m looking for the outlet of truth in Trier.

I have a big beard,

I speak German, Russian and Anglo Saxon,

Chinese square characters become green bricks to build high-rise buildings.


There is a city in my heaven gate,

The city has arched walls and pools,

The rainbow bridge weaves out The River Picture at Qingming Festival,

Connecting the sheer ruins of ancient Rome,

The ghost army in the ruins moving westward,

In wars, Aleppo appeared thousands of years ago,

9000 years ago, Jericho held the Bible

Into Jerusalem.

A huge city, towering pillars,

In the corner, I saw a lion statue in front of the gate of the Grand View Garden,

The statue blocked Mr. Cao Xueqin out of the door,

Mr.Cao Xueqin let the researchers of <A Dream of Red Mansions> be smashed to pieces.

Through the eyes of Mars, I know that Mr.Cao Xueqin is a virtual particle,

<A Dream of Red Mansions> is another illusion.

Outside the door, someone came singing “The Song of Awaken the World”,

“The Song of Goodness and Badness” is a copy of it.

How should scholars do their learning? They should be as diligent as labor people,

People all know that immortals are good, but they can’t forget their fame!

Mr.Cao Xueqin was good at singing, dancing, talking, and playing,

He was a prince, and he abandoned his throne and traveled everywhere.

Western chamber, butterfly fluttering, flower burial, snow walking

Singing the wind and playing the moon,

It’s all in his Music rhythms of Twelve Averages.

Hero Jia Baoyu came from Cao’s experience,

He operated Jia Baoyu’s constellation.

The decline of his family, the unjust imprisonment of his father,

All being into his pen,

Down and out made him full of wonderful thinking and made him a barefoot immortal,

He became a monk with his hero Jia Baoyu.

He put star clusters in his big abacus and rooting,

The music of a musical instrument,

Jumped into Bach’s fingers

Playing the Brandenburg Concerto,

Baoyu means a precious jade peal, and simply in character is Yu,

His name is Zhu Zaiyu. He is the Renaissance of China,

He is Jia Baoyu.


A tomb in my Cloud God screen,

There was a dead woman sleeping in the grave.

She was lying in a glass cabinet,

She is a specimen of the museum.

She grinned like a clay

With teeth of 4000 years ago,

Her dark hair fell on her shoulders,

As if she made up yesterday.

Her timed eyes were covered with red silk,

Her eyeholes were in deep sorrow.

She died in bloom, and an arrow shot through her breast,

Whose concubine was she? Whose burial object had she become?

An emperor died, hundreds of men and women were buried alive with him,

A young noble died, accompanied by porcelain carving and jade ornaments.

The arched wall of her tomb was attached with a mural of Goddess Rising to Heaven,

The artist’s masterpiece is only for the soul,

For thousands of years, the father and son of the earth, the monarch and his ministers, hard to open their eyes,

It is said that prehistoric civilization has existed hundreds of millions of years ago,

Countless pits have been dug, and how many tombs have been robbed,

Digging one imperial mausoleum after another,

The grave robbers greedily went into one cave after another,

But the magnificent underground palace has yet to show any trace of “spaceman”,

In the pottery pot age, bronze rings reflected each other,

The wine in the vessel rippled with flying patterns,

Sanxingdui hides the mystery of the time axis.

The female corpse in my belly stood up,

She was radiant, she was tender,

She is Xi Shi, she is Yang Guifei,

She’s the virgin. She’s a monster.

The water washed away the clay figurines,

Qing’e, with amorous feelings, created a variety of human forms.

She is Nu Wa in my blood,

Fill a corner of my heavenly gate.

I have a place,

I built an archway.

She wrapped her little feet, she tightened her waist,

Nu Wa no longer creates land in the sky,

Nu Wa talked about three obedience and four virtues,

She has become my concubine.


Fuxi coiled like a snake into my intestines,

I digested his quinoa,

He opened the deer skin, he spreads the spider web

I tasted the delicious fish he caught in his net,

Chicken, duck and fish became my dish.

I walked along a winding mountain road,

Rattling carts and whistling horses sped by.

The army of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty broke out of the tomb,

The banners of the expedition fluttered over the armor and sword.

On the winding mountain road running along the various princes,

The mask of the skull was embedded in the top of their heads,

The Southern Song Dynasty was destroyed in the battle of Ya Shan.

My gut became a tunnel,

From Sanggamryong into the jungle of North Vietnam,

The fire of vengeance erupts from the tunnel,

On the bottom of rats-traps are covered with sharp bamboo sticks.

I resisted the bombardment of the air fortress,

I put an anti-aircraft machine gun in the tunnel.

Full ammunition in my gut,

The minefields are covered with mountains.

The smoke of the gas bomb filled the tunnel,

Stuffed with junk food in my intestines,

I got typhoid, and got malaria,

I swallowed all kinds of ammunition,

penicillin, kanamycin and artemisinin.

I drained tons of steel and guns,

The Great Wall winds through my abdomen,

I built an iron bastion.

Marching into my stomach,

My wriggling stomach is a basin,

Basins are fountains due to marine deposits.

A land of abundance has been built in the basin,

A paradise flies to the world,

My heart is a lantern hanging at the gate of the mansion.

The lantern is fluttering in the wind,

The lantern shows the eyes of the stars,

Lighting up the cloister of the sky.


My eyes are the Gemini,

They flash in gravity,

Tears flow out of the Red River and Longjiang river,

The river is surging and running to the sea.

The ocean holds up the sun and the moon,

Scattered stars in the sea.

The stars are whirling in the waves,

The waves stirring the track which skimming over the surface,

They’re whispering in dark matter.

I find the source of history in this invisible life,

In the source, I find the staggering steps of human beings,

My feet stagger on this step.

The footprints of the ancestors appeared next to the trilobites,

That was billions of years ago. It was Cambrian rock.

Where did they come from and how did they disappear?

I am embedded in this footprint,

Dragging it forward heavily,

I’m looking for another piece of civilization.

That civilization was destroyed in a nuclear war?

Is it paralleling that prosperity glides into another space-time?

The earth is a speck of dust in the universe,

Human beings are the shadows of decomposition in the dust.

The stars, the sun and the moon are all round,

The wheel, compass and clock are all circular.

The value of PI has never reached the end,

The digital team has traveled around the solar system.

If a squared sun rises,

If a rectangular full moon is hanging in the sky,

Will we still tilt up the first pole of the ellipse?

My bones have been folded by the mountain,

My ribs form a hanging ladder for climbing.

In front of us is the top of Jiuhua Mountain,

Above is the summit of Mount Everest.


I live in my test papers,

Red blood cells and white blood cells swim in groups in my body.

The cells turns into paint and coagulates into platelets,

A celestial map of the sun and the moon is painted on the cracked skin.

I come to the hue of Van Gogh’s starry sky,

The fatty acids in the serum protein are squeezed out,

The three primary colors on the palette blend lights and colors

A map of the world is drawn.

My map is of dense and grainy,

I’m crossing mountains over and over again.

I’m glued under the shadow of the micro lamp,

My wriggling is observed through the microscope.

There are thousands of bacteria crawling through nitrite,

They occupy the CMCC highlands.

I’m being chased by millions of molecules in DNA,

Molecular stars fill the night sky.

The drum face of my dream is knocked, sometime and sometimes,

The South Mountain and the North Mountain are intertwined with each other,

The sun and the moon are in vogue, and the universe is in circulation,

My mutated personality leaps out of the decay of glucose,

I run in the gravitational waves of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The MRI drags me into the season of reversal of day and night,

My internal organs are floating in the air.

The split time waves and slits into another parabola,

Four dimensional time zones transform the face of the day

Bending through the Pass of the black hole,

The brain waves of schizophrenia show nerve’s lightning,

The history of civilization in strange shapes flickering in the lightning,

Clinging to people and they are shouting,

They speak new roots of alien body language.

I am the other side of this life,

My heart is like a flower in full bloom,

The blood stream is watering the petals like a spring.

“Madhouse” is my paradise,

The angel is dancing beautifully in front of me.


I often walk on the beach,

The gravity of the tide makes the waves jump and sink to my feet.

In the distance, the sails are always swinging,

will-o’-the-wisp are glimmering on the sailboat in the dark.

There are islands on the side of the sea level,

Gulls flying in the air on the rocks of the island

They are hovering in the glow.

I believe my kidneys are the island,

The sea water is flooding and gushing around me.

The torrent runs down the mountain stream and forms a waterfall in my renal pelvis,

The waterfall hangs between the sun and the moon, forming a dancing rainbow,

I cross the rainbow bridge, lift the curtain of the waterfall and run to the sea.

The strait separates the land and my body,

I paddle forward,

Such as blue sailfish with opened ridges sailing in the cruise,

The island is like a dinosaur egg on the reef,

Fighting for the rock, while the guns roar and the planes fly,

The battle for Malvinas, the bombardment of Kinmen,

There is a river of blood on Iwo Jima.

Around the island, fishermen are fishing and casting nets,

My passion rise from it,

King Kong’s mountains and rivers give birth to a new life,

The bridge connects to Greenland from the continental shelf.

I’m running on the railway bridge of Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macao,

Driving past in a Passat car,

After losing my left kidney, my back is aching and I get cold,

I’m dying to get it back,

A sea port must be preserved in my whole body.

The island country emerges from the sea and is submerged by the tide,

A man eating alligator, a giant beast 200 million years ago, climbed up the seawall,

It coexisted with dinosaurs in the Cretaceous.

It crawled slowly and slowly, deceiving the destruction of nature,

On the Crocodile Island, they bite my flesh,

Gluttonously they are eating my muscles and bones.

I’m fighting them with my fork and my rifle,

I have eaten the crocodile meat and have skinned it,

We have made famous leather shoes and belts,

My horn island is integrated with my trunk body.


The wind blows in my ear,

My hair is flying in the wind,

The rain of the night gallops along the scalp.

I run after the lightning and listen to the thunder,

The thunders call out my name and my resume.

A long life flies by like the wind,

The long history at the moment suddenly is highlighted.

Countless people with surnames have been traced in my cerebral cortex like the tree ring,

Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties are sitting in front of their desks; while Tang, song and Yuan Dynasties are competing in martial arts,

The floods were everywhere, and Dayu’s footprints were all over the world,

Toppling, expeditions, over the years,

Swords, guns, swords and halberds made the sky dark.

Bloodshed records are written in the chronicles of events.

The crown on my head is covered with overlapping dynasties,

Losers are always in the wrong, so the king’s flag is changed often at the head of the city.

From the forest of hair come the roars of tigers and wolves,

Birds ‘ twitter and fragrance of flowers flit through the hair tips.

I’m chasing the colorful petals in the romantic and snowy moon,

To embrace the sun along the light sifting through the shade,

Kiss the sun’s lips.

The sun blushes, and the clouds blush too,

I have turned into a wild goose and have hovered in the morning light.

In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, I was made to speak freely,

I’m Lao Zhuang. I’m a strategist,

I get on my own horse,

Tao gives birth to one, two to three, and three to all things.

My ears are like banana fans in princess’s hands,

To stir up the flames, one has to watch six ways and listen to all directions.

I swing with my hands holding the lintel of the court of heaven,

On the swing, I can see the great changes of the world and the turn of reincarnation.

I’m a reincarnated child. I’m floating from another world,

I become a white snake spirit and overthrow the Leifeng Tower.

My singing is lightning and thunder, and my dancing is the sacrifice of colorful clouds.


Wing-mounted aircraft carries me to the high mountains,

The mountains and rivers like waves passing by under my glide board.

I step on the wheel of wind and fire and walk through the clouds,

Shoulder to shoulder with the cliff and cross the canyon.

I’m like a blue whale,

I’m the giant. The giant is me,

I am the unyielding torture.

I have glided across the continents and seas in a slant line.

The sun of Asia brightens Europe on the back of cattle,

The torch shaped Africa ignited the new world,

People dance the ballet on their toes in Latin America.

You’re black, as dark as the night,

You are white, as white as the day.

Portugal’s and Spanish’s teeth are so sharp,

Gnawing at abandoned drifting plates of earth,

The Tropic of Capricorn drags the waist of the plate between the two oceans.

Gunpowder spewed from the muzzle of the gun, and the gunboat sailed to the anchorage,

The tattoo on the aboriginal faces is full of hatred.

The conquest of the white people, the resistance of the aboriginals,

The motorcycles of the industrial revolution drove into the rubber forest.

As Hercules, I row the waves of the Atlantic Ocean,

Drink a bottle of Arctic soda,

The polar bear is on top of me,

The whips of God in the Inuit hands beating, developed the valiant Huns,

I struggled to get out of it,

I am on The Snow Dragon which breaks the ice in Antarctica.

Penguins are such gentlemen, and they are so naive,

I roll with them in my tuxedo on the snowy slope.

Wearing a tuxedo over me, I walk into the Sydney Opera House,

I sing the Song of My Sun,

My song is over Pavarotti.

“No one sleeps tonight” is chanted in Turandot,

Death, in the twinkling of stars, yearns for the rising of love.

In the maze, life and death choose a revolving exit,

The death of love in the desperate situation is full of the tragedy.

The power of love is great and invincible!


I was born of love, I was made by the “illicit sex” of heaven and earth,

My birthplace brewed jars of sweet and sour pickles.

The pickled vegetables are buried in the soil and buried in the grave,

The maggots- pickles have been stinking and sour fermentation, but people are still fighting to eat.

My grandfather had long braids, and my grandmother had little feet,

I enjoy myself in my long gown and Mandarin coat.

The braid drags the vast earth, and the small feet are bound by a regulated compass,

The compass is a dish, and it is also a jar,

The compass opens the sky, and the round flying saucer comes,

These foot-binding-clothes have been scattered into colorful silk, and people are dancing on the Silk Road of Flower Rain.

Want to be a famous scholar among all schools of thought, talking freely.

I’m a filial son. I’m a villain. I raise the armillary sphere rebelliously,

The jade dragon of the armillary sphere ejects dew, foreboding the North and South will feel an earthquake.

An egg hatches from dim clouds with winds and rains,

Alas, the celestial body is like an egg ball, the round earth like the egg yolk,

It’s full of water, it’s full of air, and the ground is floating on the water,

My golden rooster is formed, and my pride crows in the dawn.

I break the egg and go to Heaven with the armillary sphere,

I am wandering among the planets, Ziwei, Yuantian, Shiyuan and Taiwei,

I find my planet, and I peep at it in the crack of the door.

It is galloping past on a horse waving with a spear.

Basaltic of the north fighting with White Tiger of the south,

Stirring up the sky and scattering stars, comets fly through the sky.

The comet’s bright hair is growing out of my head,

Light up the Oriental Dragon’s orbit, rotating and ascent.

Under the dark dragon, I see the launch tower standing quietly beside the moon,

The sauce jars under the moonlight have all been smashed.

The newly fired pottery has been infused with new starter,

The liquid fuel rockets are fermented,

I climb to the top of the rocket, and in the process of propulsion, I run into the Fire-cow Formation.

The fire bull rushes to me with the burning eyes,

I hold the matador red cloth in which flags of all nations are printed,

Once my flag is spread and it can blot out the sky and cover the sun,

With a long tassel in hand, I have stabbed out a new round world.


My zodiac is the first in the world,

I live among the Dragon, Snake and Dog.

On the day of the eclipse, I see people walking on the edge of the sun,

At the moment of the eclipse, I see the dog eating the moon.

The golden border of the corona is entangled with the halo of God,

The appearance of the moon wheel reflects the goddess’s necklace.

The necklace is hung on the Bodhi tree,

Buddha stretches out his hand from the tree and strikes the top of my head.

Corresponding to the starry sky, there is a spiral dragon,

The Dragon Man is pasted on the nine dragon walls,

The emperor dressed on the Dragon Robe.

The colorful clouds of the dragon are changing from east to west, but the dragon’s anger brings disaster to the world.

The square Ophiuchus straddles the celestial equator,

Red Heaven covers the turbulent world.

Is there a story about the farmer and the snake?

Is there a farmer’s remorseful corpse floating in the extended ecliptic?

Or is he a juggling snake dancer,

He clutches the poisonous snake’s throat.

The Dog constellation lights up the Egyptians under the pyramids,

Beautiful Queen Cleopatra made Caesar fall under her pomegranate skirt,

Antony was thrown away from Rome by her erotic gains.

The snake bate her, and she was drowned with Egypt.

I walk into her wedding room and she falling from the stone carvings,

I think Tyler is just what Queen Cleopatra looks like,

We have a big wedding,

Fireworks shine on the sky, and thousands of boats are setting off.

Her gauze skirt as thin as cicada’s wings, under it, her jade-liked body is exposed,

I hug her in my arms, and the hounds around me bark merrily into the sky,

I go down with her to the bottom of the sea.

Egypt regenerated the Suez Canal from the black robes of the Roman Empire,

The Semites were at war with the Jews,

The fire of war is burning in the holy land,

Sadat died in a disorderly gun,

Rabin was killed in the assassination.


I am the living First Emperor of Qin,

I left you before BC,

My surname of Ying Zheng is shining sun and moon.

Hawking said I am living, and Einstein said I am alive.

They are now practicing beside me,

They are Liz and Meng Tian,

They come to me through time and space.

I want to tear down the Afang Palace and excavate the Qin mausoleum.

I’ve been jailed in this mound for more than 2000 years.

It is my merit to conquer twelve countries and to expand territory for thousands miles,

Burning books and burying Confucianism is my sin.

I want a uniform gauge, script, currency, a measuring system and moral standards.

It’s necessary to kill the sorcerer who makes a fool of people,

It is a great plan for the country to eliminate the poor poets who sit and talk about the Tao.

Though Qu Yuan wrote poems all the time worrying about the nation, the kingdom ended at last.

He fed the fish with his body, but you are happily eating Zongzi, racing dragon boats.

The war must belong to dictatorship and arbitrariness, and the Iron Army must issue unified orders,

Only one word can conquer the crusade.

I have found the elixir. So I have been living to this day.

The Dragon embodiment spans the north and south of the river,

Both legs are the Yangtze River and the Yellow River,

The Great Wall is my right arm,

Grand mountains from my nose straight into the sky,

The fish-liked holes of the eight trigrams are my eyes,

Taiji boxing has been spreading, and many people are playing it,

You have me, I have you.

A Fang palace was not built by me,

It’s a gift from Heaven, it’s from an alien god.

The terra cotta warriors are the army of the kingdom of God,

Bronze chariots and horses are now shuttling around the constellation Pegasus.

I become an example of cruelty,

Jing Ke tried to kill me but failed,

I’m going to take revenge,

Kill all, and the blood flows into a river.

In the history written by blood, I have been atoning for my sins,

The Condemnation of myself has been declared, I, in the Palace of Shangyang, overlooking the lights of the world.


I have a rash, my hands are covered with fish-skin-liked bones,

So my hands become the shield of the earth.

Craters and gullies appear and disappear sometimes,

Turn over my palms and center on the Mars basin,

Five fingers radiate out a star mound of gold, wood, water, fire and earth,

The Taiyin Planet hides under the mountain to meet the dark night.

My lifeline is stretching to Venus in an arc,

She has a fancy stage name:

Changgeng, Qiming, Taibai, Aphrodite, Venus.

She’s hermaphrodite. Her happiness depends on misfortune. She’s transsexual Venus,

She has blown the dance of “The Wind” all over 20000 city sites.

The Maya, the Aztecs, and the Phoenicians masked her as a devil,

But I see the light of hope under her dazzling eyes.

My five fingers rise,

The middle finger is a column in the South sky, and the five fingers are stone forest standing on earth,

I am crying in loud voice – Ashima!

The stone forest has sprawled out of the Martian basin.

I am parachuting into the bay,

My feet are on the  huge boat of Naglfa, and become the sails

Death’s nails pluck out the hull full of hatred and jealousy on the boat,

I let the Warcraft Loki’s soul possessed, and instigate the gods to fight against each other.

Evil burns in me and transforms a fire giant,

My jealousy spurts fire at justice, on holiness, on nobility.

I screamed with my hands up high,

Let the chasm of every planet extend out of the abyss of sin.

The hands of my checkered fingerprints are covered with the blood of love, mercy and freedom,

I am against elegance, beauty, wisdom, warmth and tenderness,

My desire, ambition and bloodthirsty are expanding boundlessly.

God cut off my sinful hands,

I get into the stone lion boat built by Nuwa Fuxi and sail to the other side,

Goodness is shaken from Saturn’s halo rings,

Warm love makes flowers to bloom, so human do reproduction and breeding,

My hands from the heart of the spring recreate a towering tree.


The field is sowing and fertilizing in my skin and muscles,

The grass grow strong and strong,

It’s harvest time for the fruits.

During the Flat Peach Festival of the heart all fruits will be fragrant, such as melons, fruits, pears, peaches…etc,

The rice have been threshed and separated from the soft tissue during the harvest season of Yandi.

My body is as strong and handsome as Michelangelo’s David,

My blood vessels irrigate the fertile soil of muscle protein,

I run between hemoglobin and elasticity,

I’m going to win one world championship after another.

Running like the wind,

Flying like eagles,

Jumping like Antelopes,

Powerful like Mountains,

It’s like a human-shaped shark hitting the water.

The life’s limit, one after another, is surpassed, and is left in Java.

I open up my new frontier with the slash and burn cultivation of the Neolithic,

The colorful nine-ear-grain falls on Shennong’s head,

He has tasted all kinds of grass and let the rice, millet, millet and wheat spread all over the field,

The red bird flies away.

I am the red bird, I hold in mouth the source of life to here.

Ten thousand year old species are secreted by Carbohydrates from my gut,

The seeds grow in my viscera.

I eat cattle, cook sheep, and brew old wine,

The drunkenness of old wine makes me loose.

I greedily capture all the rare animals that could make me survive.

“The raft of Medusa” makes Julio draw the tragic scene of people eating people,

Desperation, madness and the cry of dying,

The apocalyptic prophecy lets me open a new era,

The resurrection of the next life enters the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

The seeds have bred generations of colored trolls,

Chromosomes have been passed down for generations.

I’m going to make a Garden of Eden,

Let the field of hope run out of the fossil dolphin deer.

The new food chain take me up the ladder to heaven.


In a vacuum where the speed of light is staggered,

Dark matter, which has lost its gravity, is floating around.

I see a group of invisible men running around.

They have hedgehog crowns on their heads,

A grand coronation ceremony is held.

The jewels inlaid in the crown are radiant,

The precious stones reflect the city wall on the river bridge,

Neon lights in the city,

I am invited to join them,

I see a leprosy-faced lunatic drinking bloody wine.

Their table is full of delicious dishes

Warehouse mouse, bat soup, turkey leg, salmon,

Guests are celebrating the victory of conquering the world,

The guerrilla army hold a grand parade in the sorrow of death.

They get into human meanness,

Using their greed, selfishness and arrogance,

They flash attack everywhere, take advantage of the virtual, attack the West.

The bombing in London, the bloody battle in Volgograd, the collapse of the Trade Building on 9 / 11,

Have you done a nucleic acid test? In a beautiful greeting sentence of  Beijing

The ghost has run down the street, the mask from the sealed mouth

Has closed the gate

Paratroopers with flying caps have landed in every military area,

Hit the aircraft carrier and overthrow the idol of the emirate.

The corpse is lifted out and the hearse is stacked.

I wake up from my drunkenness, I wave my sword and rush to the battlefield,

I hide behind the shield and fight Batman to death.

I jump up the wall, I climb the tower,

I’m chasing death in the supermarket,

Zorro’s courage makes me jump on the horse.

The swordsman in white and the crown king are killed,

My chariot comes to help,

The latest multi barreled missiles volley towards the crown palace.

The palace goes up in smoke

I poke his royal robe in tatters, like a beggar.

I take his cat’s eye crown and have crushed it,

He is exposed in broad daylight,

He is tied to the bluestone by the sun,

The people who broke out of the Bastille,

Put him on the guillotine.


I live under the cloak of Yin and Yang,

The cloak blocks out the sky, and the cloak makes the sky and land cover with dark clouds.

Under the cloak, pigeons, braziers and goldfish magically appear.

Pigeons fly into Picasso’s paintings,

The brazier burns down the Palace Hall,

The goldfish swim to the fish rainbow of Square God and Round Goddess.

I’m like a fish in the water. I play with the goldfish for food.

Clean air rises and turbid gas decreases,

The integration of yin and Yang and Qi catalyzes me,

My semen overflow everywhere, spreading the wilderness and multiplying all things.

I join the battle between Gonggong and Zhuanxu for the throne of the Emperor,

Seeing Gonggong’s defeat, he is angry and bumps into BuZhou Mount, and makes the Tianzhu Mount broken,

The flood is surging, the sun is sunny, the moon is overcast, water and fire repel each other, and the river and sea are overturned.

The body of my Kirin inclines to the Northwest with the sun, moon and stars,

The flow of smoke and dust has subsided to the southeast.

My chest is the Yang and my back is the Yin.

The front chest is full of sunlight,

The mountains and streams on the back are gloomy and luxuriant.

My spine stand up,

Yin Yang and five elements run through the direction of heaven and earth.

I see the East China Sea and the South China Sea,

I’m pulling sails and nets in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea.

I am Yu Jiang with human face and bird body. I am the Dragon King of the four seas.

I come out of the sea from the Kunlun Mountains,

The mountains are shaking in my callings.

Pangu, who was strong and strong in vibration, opened the world,

The tender goddess of Luo comes.

The goddess of Luo leads me into a dream,

I am bewildered by her, because she is intoxicated,

In the clouds and rain of Wu Mount, my ethnic group is all over the mountains.

Flowers bloom, trees grow,

The feather clothes of the season change in the body.

Yang men and Yin women dance in their feathers,

Rain and dew of Yang air, frost and snow of Yin air,

The sky is filled with laughter.


I climb to the top of the Sphinx pyramid,

The Sphinx lifts my nose.

The rhinoceros pierces the top of the mountain and plunges into the sky,

My ears raise the sail,

They grab me and carry me up slowly,

The rocket has ejected under me again.

I have lost my first leg,

My second level torso is detached,

The third level is launched and sends me into Heaven Gate,

Into the sky,

Into regeneration,

The Perseid meteor shower cuts through the darkness around me,

The body of the lion and the human face alternate in front of him.

Saint Laurent’s tears fall to the universe,

The earth is a drop in tears.

I stretch out my hands and the rains fall like dew,

My arms are props.

The pillars support the Palace Hall and the history museum,

Cast iron martingales and Xuanyuan knives appear in the museum,

The mask of the iron faced man has covered the knight’s face,

The bronze sword is smelted, and the inscriptions on the wall of the big Yu Ding inscription cast the country,

My legs are the four legs of a square tripod, which has become a shock Treasure to the country.

I stand among the small blast furnaces, and the skill of Emperor Ho has been lost,

Dong Mount was hollowed out, and the body of iron and stone have been cast again with blood.

My Arhat gold body is a universe,

The brain fibers, the brain nerves, are scanned for Nine Heavens,

They dance, they spin, they gather,

The embryo is born.

I have dragged the Athenian knights, the Roman god of war, the terracotta warriors and horses,

The army of Genghis Khan have gushed out of my blood.

I thrust my chest up, my head up, rush into Porthos’s side,

As a spear in his hand, he cuts off Medusa’s snake head.

The rooster crows up to the sky and flies with wings,

Saint Laurent’s tears pour down,

Saint Laurent’s tears are pouring down for the world.

Note: the Perseid meteor shower is called “Saint Laurent’s tears”. It is said that it was the seed sown by Saint Laurent for the sake of hope. Her last tear must be to place a wish, and everyone who sees him makes a wish can get harvest.