Yuuri- Japan

Yuuri- Japan


A poet, an essayist, a vocal performer of GOTTON-bushi


1987 : Born in Iizuka city, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.
2013 : Began to participate in the project « Art performance : Projet La Voix des Poètes » which is produced by Mr.Tendo Taijin.
2015 : Encountered the old work song «GOTTON-bushi» sung in Chikuho coalmine which is situated near my hometown, and became a singer of GOTTON-bushi.
2018:Participated a FM radio program «VOEME : Listening the voice and words of modern poetry » for 4 weeks.
*Mr. Tendo Taijin : A distinguished artist of Japan.

She has a Master in Graduate School of Humanities Graduate Program in Japanese Language and Literature. She is not only a poet, but also the only one singer who creates new GOTTON-bushi with unique expression.

Awards and recognition

2012:The first poetry anthology «The first cry of kidnapp demon»
was obtained the university president prize of Ferris university
2019:The second poetry anthology «The Titan of Rain »
was a final candidate of the 10th Ayukawa Nobuo Prize and the 52nd Oguma Hideo Prize.

2019:The first CD «Yuuri’s GOTTON-bushi» was registered local material of Iizuka city, Fukuoka, Japan.

Her poetry anthologies are featured at the some newspapers and magazines. She was evaluated “She shot a poem like a machine gun mixing with dialects and stabbed it into the eardrum of the audience.” at the Nihon Keizai Shimbun(7 Nov. 2013), “This feature-length poem is being tried in a wide area beyond the framework of modern poetry.” at the Chunichi Shimbun(22 Dec. 2018), and “GOTTON-bushi, Singing for the Future” at the Nishinippon Shimbun chikuho edition(3 Feb. 2019).

Books and publications

Her published collections include : «The first cry of kidnapp demon»(2011), «The Titan of Rain »(2018), And she released a CD «Yuuri’s GOTTON-bushi»(2018). Her poems appeared at the Gendaishi Techo magazine(Dec. 2011, Apr. 2012, Sep. 2014, Aug. 2016), the Something30 magazine(Jan. 2020), the EUREKA poetry and criticism magazine(Jul. 2020).


A woman in apron is harvesting the laundry on the wisteria trellis.
Wisteria prefers direct sunlight.
It’s not good to take a nap too much.
A baby next door is busy to be calmed down its nerves.
A passing old lady is caught at the bus stop.
It is not smart to pull my face off from the tatami mat, so leave me to think of a distant little lady who sews a little bird on the eaves to a cloth.
The closet remained a little open, and a speech balloon blew out of the wall.

When you sleep with the closet open, “Ojoronomedama”, probably it’s a natural spirit but a bit scary, will creep in.
I wake up suddenly.
The flowers were already over and the bean pods were hanging around.
The sliding grass doors are closed tight, and the setting sun has begun beyond my thin eyelids, and a small black figures are talking in a whisper whether they should take me along with them, while I pretend to sleep.
Meanwhile, an unknown woman comes and picks all of the bean pods, murmuring if you let them leave alone, the growth of the tree will be hindered.
I am not sure if she was the woman in apron, but she certainly muttered behind the sliding glass door, “Still early”.

Why do I feel a kind of irritation to her ?
I don’t count how many times I woke up, but awakening is still sticky to me.
Before I knew it, the sliding grass doors were left open and the laundry was properly piled up.
Is it because I spent my time on a knee pillow of the woman in apron that I didn’t feel so cold?
When asked what was “Still early”, she whispered, “Because fruit of wisteria hadn’t popped yet.”
I wonder, it had turned the season already like this.

I tried to lip down the long robe of wisteria and noticed as the butterfly wings are scattered over the tatami mats.
The belly of the woman in apron is about to burst.
The next time I wake up would be the time of the pericarp pops.
Now I notice that the kimono of the woman who smiles while saying “The Baby shall be a girl” was a wisteria pattern.
Soon the season of snow flickers.
Where was that woman trying to take me as still a little boy ?
And the wisteria was really there?