Feedback by Hanna Michael Salameh Numan for the International Poetry Festival in...

Feedback by Hanna Michael Salameh Numan for the International Poetry Festival in Kosovo, 2017, 3rd Edition


It was a great opportunity for me to participate in the International Poetry festival in the charming city Rahovec. I would like to thank from the deep of my heart my dear Professor Fahredin Shehu for his kind invitation and thanks for all his fruitful efforts in preparations, arrangements and all other responsibilities and my gratitude to the smart team who helped us in a way or another.

This was the first time in my life, to be in The Republic of Kosovo, The Independent State, and to participate as the first Jordanian poet, writer, researcher & author in the international Poetry Festival in Rahovec means a great occasion for me.  I gained new experience and I understand now more about this beloved country, the history, heritage, cultural life, life style and other life aspects. Beside that what been achieved, future hopes and aspirations. The people in Rahovec the charming, green, and beautiful city and in the places, we visited like Prizen are friendly, generous, and kind.

I believe in the value and power of poetry which is heart of all literature. Poetry lifts the spirit and brings joy to heart and peace to mind. The role of poets is to build bridges of hope and peace between nations and people, especially in this critical times and events shadowing some places in our world.

Upon that, I thank you for giving me the chance in this high class Festival to meet distinguished and a leading figures poets, intellectuals, and thinkers from Rahovec, Kosovo in general as well as from different places of the world, knowing them, listening to their poetry readings, exchanging ideas, and presenting writings and books between each other all that was interesting and fruitful.

In my staying for more than two days in the lovely capital of Kosovo, Pristina I visited the historical ancient site“Ulpiana” and The Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa beside other places.

The memories will keep alive in my mind and I would like to say that when I returned home our daily newspaper Al-Rai covered my participation and the festival in distinguished article also in some well-known websites.

Thanks a lot.

Good Luck, and from success to success!

Hanna Michael Salameh Numan