It happen she may embody the Divine

It happen she may embody the Divine


(to Hülya Yılmaz)

…and the day was so long

keeping emptiness on its wings

the one that envelopes me like

a lofty blanket

The day that was filled with

the melodies my father used to

feed our emotions… to repel

every stain of blame

to vanish every dark spot

in our hearts…

every dissonance in this

infra sonic field

…and those songs still shakes

our limbs

in every step we make

Then the woman I primordially

knew in my conciseness

for real touched us

as if we were her blood bonded

progeny that live only for

a igniting the spark of Love

so her Soul may emanate

far beyond the Understandable

Is she a woman one may ask or

a divine presence that warns

in every step of our erroneous path

On the aftermath of my youth

I stood firm and overwhelmed

by that immense bliss of her being

We feel her presence still- now

like a white neon colour cloud

flying over our heads

a nimbus that soothes us restless