Janet Perkins Caldwell- USA

Janet Perkins Caldwell- USA


Janet P. Caldwell is the author of 5 degrees to separation, Passages and Dancing Toward the Light, the journey continues. She is also a contributor to approximately 50 poetic anthologies. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Inner Child ltd. and is also the managing editor of Inner Child the Magazine, USA, a post she has held for the last 4 years. She is driven by humanitarian issues to include world healing and world peace.

Peace Talks

Let us lay down our weapons
putting our judgments aside
and just for a moment
may we think for ourselves
not parroting . . .
what someone else has said.

For it is the unknown that is so frightening
those mind shadows that torture and scare
while open minded conversations have never begun
and this closed concept fed, creates armed and dangerous fear.

The imagination can be a cruel master
and emotions may be acted on
that do not reveal the truth
of what is really happening
when no-one is talking
except the political and societal
brain – washing, big guns.

Sit with me, let us converse and share
then we may begin to awaken and see
that we all want the same things
food, clothing, shelter and our children playing freely.
With no fear of bombs dropping
onto the heads and homes
of our precious families.
I mourn that this man-made infection of misunderstanding
was set loose in our vast fabric of humanity.

And our children suffer the most
there are generations
who have never experienced peace
and this is a sadistic state of affairs.
Don’t we care?

And do we name ourselves as good examples?
Tell me now, I do not understand.
With the current legacy we’re leaving
how will this, our history record us?
Are we proud of ourselves?

For my sake, for yours
and the sake of the innocents
I am opening my hands
and letting go of the labeling
of who’s right or wrong.

Though culturally different
we all bleed the same. With open minds
and love’s conversations
we will build a bridge of acceptance
from me to you and you
lending to the exchange of ideas
dropping bias
and understanding ideals.

Won’t you join us
and give it a try?
Take my hand in peace
for I too . . . am your family
and just for this moment
let us think for ourselves
not parroting . . .
what someone else has said.

© Janet Caldwell

Humanity’s Song

We’ve sang about it
tolled bells about it
flew our banners of love
wore tee-shirts with slogans
to overcome, simply to be one.

We have marched and charged
in small and large groups.
We have held hands, danced
mediated and prayed together.
The call for Oneness is now
within and without.
A never-ending season of love
and peace between all of humanity.

I have seen the downtrodden lost and alone
feeling as if no one cared
and then you my brother, came along
and offered a hot meal and a blanket for warmth
you gave of yourself
you gave another a ray of hope.
You passed a lady on the street
the rain was pouring
she was soaked to her feet.
You gave to her your umbrella
with only love as your agenda.

This is what I am talking about Dear Family
to treat our brothers and sisters as ourselves.
Infected with love and kindness.
For we are
in the scheme of all things.

One love, one humanity
and to this purpose
I share and cling.

© Janet Caldwell

Silent Observations

I noticed the trees
and singing
like none other
that spring is near.

The gelled fluids
that are now thick
in their veins
would warm and flow
in-tuned with the Son’s ways
and the sun’s rays.

They never moved
off of their square
and they held no fear
because they knew
life’s Source
would course
easily through their veins.
Trust is the answer . . .

And they, unlike some
still stand in upright defiance
without complaint
and with an unspoken alliance
to the ONE
and against the biting frost
and the worldly ways
knowing, this too shall pass
seasons come and seasons go.
Didn’t you know . . . the cold won’t last?
It has been said, I lay down my life

so that I may pick it up again.

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