Naime Beqiraj- Kosovo

Naime Beqiraj- Kosovo



Tonight I would kiss you just unwillingly
There where even you wouldn’t guess
Unwillingly is better
Especially when it rains

With the sunrise full of spring dews
You’ll climb again raved by love
Sleeping with the Goddess

You halted not just because I wanted
But I said so and you trusted me oh insane

This Moon escaped somewhere, or it hide after you

I wasn’t overfed by a night


We stood on the oath of words that were never given
With unuttered longing mixed with the rain
A mileage rushes to catch one more pace
New oblivion burdens my shoulders

Grass-leafs in the night were separated
Took the form of departure
All promises flew vane away
Only the longing was taking the amadou of waiting

Lips and shoulders pound only for a voice
While we could hear it in one or another knoll
We hide in fairytales for another age
Dab as dreaming to touch your hand


There is happiness bread and
Street is savored
Then when the stomach has a feast
Each time you approach
Feeling the taste
From the distance

How beautiful seems to us
The mountains too
When reigning with fortuity
With a slow descent
To a molded bread
And a white path

They came
Bringing joy
Each time we draw near
We sanctify the gusto
And the soul

You feel cramp
When is a lack of bread
And a path
When they are recently brought
As obvious discernments

To a straight
Bread and road
We do return
Every time the hunger aches
And temptation
Visits our night-hag
Parts of skin
Again and again

Good night Mom
Yu pave me a hard path
You gave me a light bread
And taught me
That angels doesn’t stay on the road