Radmila Stanković

Radmila Stanković


Radmila Stankovic was born in Pozarevac in 1969 on the first day of summer. Fond memories of her early childhood motivated her first to develop skills in writing. She has since then, published a book of poems “Mudroljubljenija,” in 2 editions, the publisher of The Association of Writers Poet Belgrade. Several of her poems were published in the annual almanacs and the almanac “LISTENING KK Yesenin” and in the almanac “Endless Blue Circle KK Crnjanski.”2014. Publishes other independent book of poetry, which is called” Soul sighs” published by the Centre for Culture Kucevo Eastern Serbia.
Her poetry has been presented in the former Yugoslavia and the Serbian Republic, Macedonia, and Bosnia. Radmila also received plaudits, commendations and certificate from Axlepin Publishing as recognition to her mastery in poetry with published poems in a world-class book of poetry: “SPELLBOUND.”
Radmila Stankovic is an established journalist and much sought-after radio and television anchorwoman. She is also known as an intellectual scholar who is moreover a freelance research analyst and writer.
As a young student and Public Relations Officer in the prestigious University of Belgrade, Radmila Stankovic founded the principal literary club in Kucevo that continues to bring together young talents and lovers of the written word.
She has begun developing her amateur interest in the art of photography; she applies to her field assignments as a journalist.
Radmila as an ace journalist is kept engaged in various projects, one of which has her currently working on legal copyright to their city where she resides.
As a freelance journalist, she has to date, done over 50 notable interviews of prominent and distinguished people broadcasted and published in various magazines in Serbia.
Radmila is a member of the Association of Writers Poet from Belgrade club Crnjanski Bijeljina on the board of the Literary Club of Stevan Raickovic Kucevo.
She presently lives and works in Kucevo, Eastern Serbia.

Behind your eyelashes
Keep me my sweetie, and when

greyness of reality collides with

my dream in which you

once fell asleep, beloved and awake,

keep me in your eyes,

in the traces of the morning,

and in the silence …

Just keep me,

in each wrinkle

the new day brings you.

Keep me in one of

your worlds,

where years are measured by the moments,

not hours or days …

And when the night falls

silently on your eye lashes,

keep me still…

When the silence of the night

begins to tell stories about the shadows

that are kissing in the dark

keep me wrapped in a dream.

Lay me down on your sleeping eyelids,

keep me under them when you close your eyes

And if you want to get out of that dream,

once loved awake and asleep,

keep me more, so that my smile does not flicker forever

in the corners of infinity.

  1. House of earth


Underneath the cobwebs and centuries’ layers of dust

 the time peeked out from your corners

 left out long ago

 between the conscious and subconscious.

 While you are waiting for me

 to decide whether you will be born

 in me again

 like an incarnation of the memory,

 like the present.

 I saw you as a revelation,

 while, in my mind,

 many thoughts were passing

 thinking of what were your secrets

 hidden behind your walls

 and how many lives impressed in them.

 Will you be able to tell me

 if you are reborn in me

 and to reveal the secrets, one by one,

 the secrets of sleeping tears, forgotten smiles

 and broken spirits?

 Of earth and rock created you are standing

 I’ve been waiting a century to give birth to your soul,

 the silence telling me that everything is the same

 and that there is no part of the time

 on the stage of passing.

 The silence within you and outside the storm

 while silently I was giving a birth to you

 over and over again

 and your doors and windows wide open

 and the present starting to glow

 while in my hand the key of you was shining.



  1. The Truth Motions



I need a word…

powerful, movable,




I must awake the truth

with my resentment.

To ask her,

how many stairs still

to pass?

The first, the second, the third,

it seems like forever.


I seek for the trut

so much I cannot see

so much I do not want to



Now I must

awake the truth.

I seek for the word,

movable, powerful,



Truth is that word.


I persisted

with a few

deep sighs

to see the reflection of mine


I make the motions of the truth

for everything that

was dying in me.


I alleged myself

on her.

I am speechless, I wait

for her motions.

I listen,


people speak

about the truth,

some play with her,

some ridicule her,

and no one will be spared.


I still listen,

as I awake her

with my resentment…

I awake her within me

only to ask her

if I am right


The truth is the reflection of life


I hardly accept

her motions.


If I do not

do anything today

tomorrow I will be fallacious.


I awake you

with my resentment…

to ask you,

why on this morning

this city hunts me,

turbulent sounds

hunt me.


And now I get to know,

on this morning,

I see the reflection of mine

and that is the truth.




  1. White bird


Go, white bird

that comes to my sleep,

do not touch me,

my rains are falling.



Go to infinities

and to other dreams,


just let me

be in peace,

let me find the prayer

that fled me…


All the rains have torn

all the drunken faces,

they’ll wash mine too

so go white,

go to infinities…

Let me cry in peace,
let me crave the dawn,

go, then let me go,

my rains are falling.

And let me wait for the days

that come clearly…


leave me, bird,

while rains are falling.

And you, white night,

do not ask me,

I’ll think of a star

when I’ll know that she’s gone.


When are you, white night,

how could, in white,

how could a star be?


Go, white bird

that comes to my sleep,

let me find the prayer

that hid knowingly,

go, and let me go.


You know when, you’ll come

when my rains stop,

when the night turns dark,

when the star turns visible.


Now just let me

seek in peace,

a prayer for me,

and a prayer for you.


  1. I know that you are here…



I absorbed you in my eyes,

I gave you my arms,

I wove my dreams

for you!


I spread my years

before you.

You wait for me in the morning,

you flourish my soul.


You grant me with a heart,

you touch me with tranquility.

You speak quietly

and you pass through me

like a scent

when you walk across the field…


And when everything is over

and I go to sleep,

still it follows me,

that somnolent scent.

I know that you are here…


I absorbed you in my soul,

I dedicated my wishes to you.

With my wishes

I wish for you,

the miracles of nature

I feel for you.


I painted the morning scents

with you.

I put you

in my rivers,


I sheltered you

from my rains.

I know that you are here…




Radmila Stankovic Poetes and autor


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