Sethi Krishan Chand

Sethi Krishan Chand


Mr K. C.Sethi considers himself to be a poet of common people. His subjects and objects are very simple, clear and beautifull framed in his visual poetry . He has introduced a new concept of Pictorial Poetry where photography and poetry work together . The body language of the picture is matched with the theme of a poem .This fashion of writing poetry now spreading rapidly in the world of poetry and social media .

Mr Sethi says,”The newly introduced Concept of Pictorial Poetry has lifted us to make a World Record .It came to my thoght in 2011 when I wrote four lines on the photograph of my mother to mark a great remembrance.It touched to my heart and and I started working on this innovative thought. Shaped it to be future of new poetry with photography . It worked slowly in the beginning but came into full swing from 2014 .Now it is performing remarkably in Social and Paper media. ”
Now a days ,we find poetry and photography working together in every poetical posting of social media . It looks as if picture and poem operate like the body and a soul of a composition and has double effect on the minds of readers . In paper media ,me and my wife thought of publishing a Mega Coffee Table Book with pictorial Poetry , We did it and created a history .Made a world record. Thanks to God who empowered us to achieve this record.
According to Mr.Sethi,

“Sometimes picture speaks much more than the words , lines and poems do”.

Mrs Sethi does a great job of selecting suitable picture to match the theme of the poem composed by Mr. Sethi. He writes poems on the body language of subject or object involved in a picture which makes it more beautiful and heart touching . It will not be wrong to call him , the father of “Pictorial poetry” in the history of English Literature, social and paper media . He is a master of compiling Coffee Table Books apart from his poetical compositions . He believes in doing something new or different to make the readers feel as if something touching their hearts . Their first coffee table book was a mega size publication with 15″X12″ in measurement. It was launched on 23rd December 2015. Its name stands as ,Our Coffee Table Book , “PASSION” which contains 160 HD pictures and 50 poems of Mr Sethi.It has been highly appreciated in printed and social media .

This Coffee Table Book has recently been declared
to be World Record holder by Golden Book Of World Records.

Struggling ?

Her alluring love ,
a soft feel in my soul;
seems as if misty clouds
spreading over my heart,
Though not visible,
but still, I can see
the snow flakes falling
to freeze my head .
They too touch my body,
cool my haunting mind;
I can feel her presence
in surrounding peaks.
My body becomes frozen,
still I can sense the warmth
of our colliding hearts,
with no gaps in-between ,
Her uneven flesh hide my face,
her breathe heats up my head;
I can listen her hard beat,
struggling to save my life,
k c sethi,
(C)2017, Picture :Courtesy

Short poems @k c sethi
(c)2017,Picture: Misa Tran
I can read
the language of
her blush;
Usually she does
when needs me
to hug.

My thoughts @k c sethi
(c)2017, Picture : Courtesy
a committed force,
that drives us
to reach our goals.

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