Luan Rama ...

Luan Rama Shoes that have lost their masters


(Luan Rama)

I have came again to the sunny shores of Aegean Sea
more abandoned, shaggy shoes
who have finally fallen in this great mortar…
Where are the children who once wore them?
Where are their masters, mothers and fathers with their lifeless eyes?
Their torn mouths do not tell their story
they scream of thirst and hunger,
having travelled thousands of miles over the seas
under the light of the slain moon and dazzled sun
just like in a strange funeral march
searching the shores of Great Hope,
small shoes
large leather shoes
more tragic than the Titanic itself lost in the depths of the ocean,
other shoes still riding the waves
in a macabre dance,
where the left seeks the right
where they both seek their master to flee again
to take the road to the shores of love.
You see these shoes cracked by salt
thrown in mourning
and feel that death happening inside of you
grabs your throat rendering you breathless,
you feel as if a Mozart re-writes “Mass in C Minor” and dies again,
like a Van Gogh commits suicide again from abandonment and loneliness
or a Maria Callas’s cords are cut off by an eternal sadness
Pavarotti has lost his voice facing this giant graveyard
Chopin would play the world’s most painful sonata
all death happens twice because of these shoes and sandals
seeking their masters, longing for human love,
Jessy Norman does not get to finish Schubert’s Ave Maria,
on these shores everything ends with a “hallelujah,”
as if Leonard Cohen has come out of his grave
to sing the last song
and that’s how I die,
oh what a world funeral
here on the Aegean coast!
I must take the sea on foot
to become their guide
to take them maybe one day
maybe one morning,
on the shores of Good Hope,
shoes looking for their lost masters…

Traduction : Miranda Shehu