The Shape Of The Palestinian Son

The Shape Of The Palestinian Son


By Cao Shui

The son of Palestine

Sleeping in a white shroud

Shaping the shape of Palestine

His head is in the Sea of Galilee

This ancient harp is no longer able to make any sound

Along the Jordan River towards the Dead Sea

His heart is in Jerusalem

This City of Peace has been divided into two parts

The African Rift Valley splits open the entire planet

His little feet droop in the Gulf of Aqaba

This obstacle makes it impossible for him to stand

His blood flows down his legs

Dye the entire Red Sea into red

The son of Palestine, The son of Palestine

Please wake up quickly, please wake up quickly

Let’s touch the shape of Palestinian land together

Note: The Sea of Galilee means harp in Hebrew. Jerusalem, in Hebrew, means the city of peace. The Gulf of Aqaba, meaning obstacle in Arabic.The Jordan River, meaning victory in Arabic.

On June 5th, 2024, at the Top of the Tower of Babel in Beijing