Yūki NAGAE is a Tokyo-based poet. In 2012, she was awarded the Poetry and Thought New Writer Award. Her most recent collection, √3 (Shichōsha, 2016), employs images from geology, chemistry, and machinery through the full range of Japanese script—hiragana, katakana, and kanji structured in her unique system based on trigonometry. She has recently been invited to Finland,Taiwan, and the US for readings and poetry installations, which frequently involve collaborations with nature and technology. She is developing this off-page poetic work around a concept she calls “Steric Poetry.”


Absentee Cities


Alternating memories

Pale blue tinted

Time goes fracturing on


(Every last flower, every form, gone extinct.

Pure nostalgia reigns, saturated fragrance

Drifting through the water surface.)


Morae melt into syllables

Touched off by fragmented recollections


The gist of reddened bygone days plunged down into extremity

Swaying away

Waning toward silence



Born entangled in collapse, one-hundred billion molecules grow warm, glow,

Gather the waves in their methylene blue


(Phosphorescent cerulean glimmerings.

That would be a dream.

Unseen by anyone, conserved in a lonely purity,

never drifting away,

flickering on at the ocean floor)


Eons ago, there was

A glorious prosperity that often lay down



All of this now below sea level


The circling recurrence

The demolishing persistence

Prepared for the day of its repetition


And the methylene’s blue glare. Rolling waves.

Now only the shadows

Remain straight

Running the water surface


(Between the waves, images wavering

…Helsi,nki……Soul …Tai,pei…Kual,rampul…


Mexico,city….…To, ky  o  …..

Wrong. That would be a dream.

Unseen by anyone, so modest.

Cities and flowers too, innumerable abundance,

Someday, surely,

Will have gone extinct)





Mortar Stratum of Memories


Collapsed  ambiguity heaped year by year and age by age, this  mortar stratum’s upper layer  with sounds of a drizzle on mineral mud  mingled exhalations thoroughly spit away patrolling the circumference of lingering love it’s spring it’s autumn, we say in vindication, sludge years slush into hot colloidal gel layer on layer, that red ash surface, time and again sobering into frozen hard foot soles, embedded all the more in this mortar layer hot, wet mud colloid, tread the mud begrudgingly trudging away can’t go on, thus carp about it, but while looking back on it the gel of annual mud assimilated into the mortar stratum mineral mud lingering love recklessly piled layered finally into ambiguity this surface of mortar stratum


Collected in  “√3”[2016,Shicho-sha]





Misty Spring Dawn


People and things too, drunken, dreams as one, doze off in the dawn,

Howling wind quieted, faint warm weak

Odor of fermenting mash breaking down

Peeling off one layer of dead night at a time, in the smoldering omen

Dreams, shallowing out,

Trailing constricted shadow puppets,

Spill to the outside and stride off.


Roadside. In the thinning dark of predawn,

Steel blue timber trees stand in unison line up,

In the entangled branch tips of their mutual differences

Bundles of pale flowers sag heavily shine

Fireglow. Smoking flowerglow softly emits peeled away scents

Traced in vaguely wandering warmth, steadily buried.

Dulled petals fray, brushing branches as they detach,

Choking on the flowerglow.


Dimming out buried in gloom, spun from the brief intervals,

Were these blue quaking objects. Leaving them quietly behind,

A dream with fluffy gait glitters through gloom treading the spring haze pale slumber bubbling over sleep with slight hand movements

It pushes right through.


Eyelids, alleviation.

With lips faintly parted imbibe vestiges of dreamlight

Deep in the chest alleviation ripples. Lights splash disperse

Awakening loosening.                                                          Collected in  “√3”[2016,Shicho-sha]                   

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