Born in Târgu Mureș, (Transylvania) on January 15th, 1954. He continued his studies at the Institute of Catholic Theology in Alba Iulia. He graduated in Library science and Literary translation in Bucharest.

In 1990, he moved to Slovakia. In 1994, he founded AB-ART Publishing, of which he is the director since then. He is a member of the Hungarian Writers’ Union, of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Paris, of the Eminescu Academy, of the Writers’ Union of Romania, of the Hungarian PEN Club, of the Writers’ Association of Slovakia. As the author of more than a dozen collections of poetry and the translator of more than twenty books of poetry and fiction, Attila F. Balázs has received numerous awards and prizes in acknowledgement of his various literary activities (Opera Omnia Arghezi Prize (Romania, 2014), Lucian Blaga Prize (Romania, 2011), EASAL Prize (Paris, 2020), Madách Prize (Slovakia, 1992), World English Writer’s Union award, (India, 2019),Lukijan Mušicki Award, (Belgrad, Serbia, 2019), International prize Dardanica, Brussel / Prishtina,2019, Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature, China, 2018, Camaiore International Prize, Italy, 2021.

His works have been translated in 25 languages. As an invited poet, he is a regular participant of diverse literary festivals all around the world.

His major works include:

  1. Masks, Poems, Madách Publisher, 1992
  2. The Juice of the Cat. Short Stories, Microgramma, 1992
  3. Naked Knights.  Selected and New Poems, AB ART, 2002
  4. Hungarian Who is Who in Slovakia. 2000
  5. My Cross of Words 50 Years 50 Poems, Lilium, 2004
  6. Portrait Gallery.  Bratislava, AB ART, 2004
  7. Casanova’s Metamorphoses – Premeny Casanovu. Bilingual (Hungarian-Slovakian) Edition Plectrum, 2005
  8. Missa Bestialis.  Poems translated into Romanian by A. Iancu, Limes, Cluj, 2008
  9. Escape from the Ghetto. Literary translations, AB ART , Bratislava, 2008
  10. A Bag of Cherries. Contemporary Romanian Poetry, AB ART , Bratislava, 2009
  11. Poems – Poezii   Bilingual  (Hungarian – Romanian) edition, 2009
  12. Minimal, Poems, AB-ART Bratislava, 2010
  13. Blue, Poems, AB-ART Bratislava, 2011
  14. Metamorfozele lui Casanova, Short Stories translated by Ildiko Foarţă, Grinta, Cluj, 2011
  15. Casanova átváltozásai, Short Stories in hungarian, AB-ART, 2012
  16. Gordiev jazol, poems in Macedonian translated by D. Dincev, Matica, Macedonia
  17. Most beautiful poems, in Hungarian, 2012, AB ART, Bratislava
  18. Minimal (poem in Portuguese, translator José Eduardo, 2013, Editora Aty, Porto Alegre, Brazilia
  19. Casanova’s Metamorphoses Short Stories in English, translator Adrian George Sahlean, 2013, Ekstasis Editions, Vancouver, Canada
  20. Cravata lui Villon, poems in romanian trad.  Serban Foarta, Tipo Moldova 2014
  21. Blue / Kék, poems translated in English by Erzsébet Csicsery, Libros Libertad, Canada, 2014
  22. La metamorfosis de Casanova, in spanish translated by Rafael Soler, El Quirófano Ediciones, Ecuador, 2014
  23. Luna pe cale de a se ineca, short stories in Romanian, Editura Arc, Chisinau
  24. Casanova’s Metamorphoses, Short Stories in Serbian, translated by Jolánka Kovács, Sremska Mitrovicá, 2015
  25. Missa Bestialis, Poems translated in English by Lucia Gorea, Libros Libertad, 2015
  26. Istegin Hususiyeti, poems in Turkish translated by Müesser Yeniay, Siirden Yayincilik, Istanbul, 2015
  27. Minimal, poems in Slovakian translated by Jitka Roznova, SZMIT, Dunajska Streda, 2015
  28. Villon nyakendője, poems, ART Danubius, 2015
  29. Kis Odüsszeia, translations from the poetry of the world, 2016
  30. Chair impassible, poems in French translated by S. Pallai, Éditions du Cygne, Paris, 2016
  31. O mie de tentacule si-o franghie, poems in Romanian translated by Mihók Tamás, Paralela 45, 2017
  32. Pritja e përjetshme, poems in Albanian, translated by Baki Ímeri, 2017
  33. Avqustda qar, poems in Azerbaijani translated by Mehmet Ismail. Edebiyyat, Baku, 2019
  34. ЛОВ НА ЛЕПОТУ, poems in Serbian translated by Jolánka Kovács, Алма, Belgrad, 2019
  35. XÁC THỊT VÔ CẢM, poems in Vietnamese translated by Văn Minh Thiều, Nhà xuất bản Cygne, Hanoi, 2019
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  41. Iubiri ce purifica, translated by Nicolae Dabija, Chisinau, 2021
  42. La cravata di Villon, translated by Eliza Macadan, Di Felice Edizioni, 2021
  43. Villon’s tie, poems translated by Elisabeth Csicsery Ronay, USA, 2021
  44. Albastru, translated by Serban Foarta, Cosmopoli, Bukarest, 2021
  45. Európai váróterem, poems, Vámbéry, Slovakia, 2021
  46. 2021 Biến đổi Casanova, Hanoi, Vietnam.

His literary translation works:

  1. Contemporary Romanian Poems, Bratislava, 2007
  2. Mircea Petean: Anna Poems, Bratislava, 2008
  3. Varujan Vosganian: Blue Shaman, poems, Bratislava, 2009
  4. Gabriel Chifu: Boardgame, poems, Bratislava, 2009
  5. Angela Baciu:Poezii / Poems, Cluj-Napoca, 2009
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  39. Az élet egy vers, AB ART, 2021


the sun burns my chest

my arm covers my closed eyes

the racket of cicadas comes from the shore

grows louder then softer

words leap about

in the roar of the waves

they don’t reach my consciousness

a plane flies above me

then another

I sit up

I stick the knife into the watermelon

I cut slices

I cool my tongue with a slice

its blood flows down my tongue

the sun walks on water

it laughs at me derisively

I’m following you dear friend!


After a stormy night

the sky is as clear as the eye

after an afternoon nap

the waves impassively besiege

the concrete breakwaters of the shore

the breeze caresses the bushes and leaves of the trees

the fresh flowers in the girls’ hair

the bored boats pitch in the port

on the shore a girl with taut skin

is absorbed in drawing something in the sand

a lapdog takes tiny steps

sniffing everything

his mistress scans the horizon

no shark attack

no exploding bomb

nobody rapes the solitary girl

no tsunami is heading for land

and no poem is being written

in this lovely boredom


the surface of the water shudders

fish draw


making tiny waves

below the surface

the wild ducks

near the shore

are being hunted

the sky embraces the earth

on the horizon

the celestial waterfall



the grimy billboard

the worn zebra crossing

is familiar

on the cracked asphalt

the faded boxes

in the shop windows

the aroma of freshly baked bread

in front of the corner shop

the smiling homeless man

in the underpass

it is only your blurred reflection

in the glass palace

that is alien

on this morning in September

which stiffens in a

black-and-white photo

the voice too is familiar

the twin of silence

in the alien rhythms

of the city’s noise


street children

for whom everything

is beautiful

and good

and enticing

beyond the shop windows

invisible limits unbearably

narrow their space

like an outgrown shoe

like a tight collar

which hurts their skin



like untamed colts

they break through the barrier

and they do something

that flashes the illusion of freedom

before them

until Order steps in

in the interests of the common good

however when they wander aimlessly

roam about


attention inward



emptied of all feeling

for they do not know self-pity

the décor and players of the past

touch them only as much

as the episodes of a TV film


other dimensions


where one can dream

they cross the grass of the stadium

when the field is quiet

and the grandstands are empty

every good thing

happens to them

at least once a year

the game is a challenge

the ball made of rags

is bright as the moon in their dreams

they dream awake

above the unsleeping roofs

their hands beneath their necks

go numb but they don’t feel it

other dimensions

places where dreams are born in dreams

after they wake up

their dreams are no longer theirs

it is as if they remembered

films seen long ago

in snatches

in a jumble



solitude thickens around them

preserving their last movements

like the petrified resin

preserves a bug

amber that tells beautiful lies