Rainbow color Conch

Rainbow color Conch


…that piece of the sky enveloped

in the rainbow color conch has 

a breath that pampers wounds

of love’s arrows with the golden nib

dipped in an elixir that leaked from

the limbs of the remembrance

which did not give any pause for

long plus hours, those long nights

of suffer annoying as pain 

of kidney stones – pity to not

journal all those evaporated souls

as light as Zephyr, not trammel

pine resin fragrance spreading

all over

This hiatus lasts in a blink of an eye

a creative moment when all fears,

wishes, aims, and whims disappear

tuned with the Earth’s motion, I stand

at ease lulled by infrasonic sounds

of crystals deep down beneath my weight

…and I hear that fall of the teardrop

that turns into nacre to be blown

by the feather-like light summer winds

I took the pen that follows the flow

of my vision, blasting scenes that

changes like slides of the now, to sketch

an image like an extract of a Mirage

that lacks icons and symbols