Ute Margaret Saine

Ute Margaret Saine


Margaret Saine was born in Germany and lives in California. After a Yale Ph. D. she taught Spanish and French. She writes poetry in five languages and translates other poets. Her books are “Bodyscapes,” “Words of Art,” “Lit Angels” and 5 haiku chapbooks. She has published four books in German, including the memoir “Ungeschicktes Kind” [Awkward Child]. Poetry mss. ready for publication are “The Five Senses,” “Reading Your Lips,” “A Woman in Winter,” “While Alive,” and “The Book of Travel,” as well a second and third book of poems about art. Saine’s poetry has been published in many countries. She is an editor at the California Poetry Quarterly, called CQ.






Make some words

make something out of words

–maybe never said before

or maybe quite common–

to resemble

a greeting

a smile

a giving of thanks


Make something out of words

make words not wars

In other words

–maybe an object

you’ve always wanted to exist–

to resemble

a flower

a chocolate

a gift


Giving is of the essence

give yourself in words


Only then will you be

ready for silence




Rivers All



We are rivers

born in obscurity

We are the rivers

of uncertain shores

outstretching our clavicles

Rivers to ripple

to tarry nary a minute

that skip and jump

with or without conviction

We are rivers

to rivet and ravish

things and lives

to wash over grief

the braided rivers

too broad for solace

too wet to cry







We are all

each other’s species


Caught in a confused web

of fact and feeling


Lands thought safe and secure

have drifted and absconded


We are stories of sentiment

with occasional bits of truth


A sediment pierced by sunrays

over the morning horizon


In whose embrace we

arise from sleep


Groping vaguely forward

into a new day a second look


I want to be your deep down under

evening embrace


Your Calypso promise darling

on the daring side of love


We are all

each other’s species


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