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Educator, lecturer, performance poet, eclectic thinker, mentor with staunch multi-cultural mindset and entrepreneurial attitude, AncaMihaelaBruma considers herself a global citizen, having lived in four continents. Her eclecticism can be seen in her intertwined studies, she pursued: a Bachelor of Arts (Romania) and a Master of Business Administration (Australia).


The author labels her own writings as being “mystically sensual”, a tool and path for women to claim their own inner feminine powers. She uses poetics as a form of literary education, self-discovery and social engagement.


Through her writings she surpasses what seems to be the limitations of the human but emphasizing the essence of the woman, of the Goddess. The main theme, Love, is basically presented as a transformative experience in life, the energizing force in the universe and empowering the creative feminine.


The artist AncaMihaelaBruma has just launched her first book which is entitled “The Light of Our Beingness – I Am That You Are”.

Anca is a firm believer in the ‘total artist’, and synthesizes her own view of how she visualizes and interacts with the world, by blending the arts, and bending the fundamental rules of these arts for the sake of Art itself. She has creatively transformed her own writings into a Visual Art, in much the same fashion that Débussy and Stravinsky reformed the structural principles of music, replacing them with structural visualizations of art.Anca brings renewed hope into our lives through a healing by words, where patterns shift and collide and the geometric shapes of life assemble and re-assemble in mathematical purity and perfection.Her poetry are as rhythmical notes on musical bars revealing the psalms of life in sweet adagios, concertos of chaos and powerful symphony whose final crescendos sweep us into eternal bliss, surrealism and universal dimensions of exquisite
transcendental realization of the circle of Life.

When she writes she sees a painting in front of her eyes, using symbolism and allegory in order to capture the infinite intelligencegathering the reflections of truth with a strong mystic sense of the boundless, of the opening out of the world of our normal finite expressions into the transcendental. Like an architect of a language she builds a language within a language, a world within a world, using vivid, sometimes surreal, imagery, giving her poetry a feeling of transcendence.


Her writings reflect her spiritual autobiography, with depictions of hidden reality, with no limitations of space and time, – a quantum view of Existence. Currently, she sees her writings as a practice of being present within the language, a paradigm of living encoded within the message itself, a poetic consciousness with a spherical view of Life and Love. It is related to the realization of the greater self beyond the mundane and established laws of the society: as an expression of both the rational and the intuitive, in the concise poetic form, increasing one’s mindfulness with expanded, even unfamiliar meanings.


Anca sees her writing as an act of Creation, in which the pain transcends into Beauty, allowing a profound healing process to take place. She, as a poet, alchemically heals herself through this process and subsequently heals all who are touched by her writings. She considers that is the main purpose of ART, to Heal and Elevate the minds and souls of the readers!


Ankh – The Eternal Breath of Life


She walks

through lagoons of millennia

painted in hues of blue lotuses

andeikonal spaces.


She brings us

to Eternity and beyond

with footprints left

on the sands of Time.


Her hair

is spread across the skies

streamingPasts, Presents and Futures,

the canopies of our lives is displayed

inside an Ancienthall of mirrors,

echoing our destinies,

humming the rhythm

of the timelessness…


Each of her kiss

is like a prayer or prophecy,

she wears a tiara of Ancient stories

and a garland of Akashic records,

sheltering everyone into her Heart,

unfurling her celestial presence

within the shoreless times…


Her smile

is a portal to the vastness of the Worlds,

an unending dawn falls under her steps…


Her amber eyes

holding the secrets of the skies


in front of the chaos…


Only the Sky

is the rival of her feline beauty,

as she is the keeper of the universal flame

and custodian of cosmic Wisdom.


She stands horizontally in her expression

and ontological loveliness,

unraveling periods of uncertain nothingness,

as human historyon papyruses gets immortalized.


Her legendary mysticism

passes the vastness of Time

and murals of Creation.

The entire Universe

is versed and rhymed

with her own Universe…


Her voice

sounds like the shades of effervescence,

speaking about an Existence beyond the Existence

beyond the zero point,

carrying her convenants and arks

and the lasting Wisdom


and Nothingness.


She…. Ankh…

the key of Life,

the eternal Breath,

unlimited in her form vastness,

the pinnacle depths of Be-ing!


Shealignes pathways

with the voice of the supreme,

wrapped in her folds of Time,

engulfed in her folds of Space.


With all her rays of awareness,

where Light interludes with Night

Ankh… the Eternal Breath,

contemplatesthe lightness of the Light,

the roots of Eternity,

the multitudes of the “I”s.


Ankh… the timeless giver of Life

in the depths of azure dreams,

she scribbles her heart’s hieroglyphs

on the diverging fields of Infinites,

so our memories and dreamtimes

can rhyme within the moonbeams.


As a timeless giver of Life

she teaches us

that it is not the Time

which makes the Eternity…

But the LOVE…



is not just a drop in our EXISTENCE!!!


In the Light of Knowingness

You complete the sentence within my highlight,
Turn me into prose and decipher my twilight,
Depict my silences with stars and moonlight……
I was in the future!… Yet, you see my sidelight…

I recreate the metaphor in you and jostle for the limelight,
And every meter, lament and line raise its own sight,
The verbs of your palm, I bring them to the eyesight,
Our fingers build unknown languages into the headlight!…

Let us burn in pages, as a song in a firelight!
Embrace me with your eyes reflection and insight!
As curator of curves I will build in you a stalactite,
Casting and recreating each breath in the candlelight!

I see in you an overture… An image to ignite,
I leave an empty line to place your significance to recite!
Your whispers on soft petals, give Love another sight,
And the sum of my heart grows inside a crystallite!

I forget to put commas and full stops overnight,
Historia bivalente has been brought to the spotlight!
As a fraction of our Existence is perplexed into the sunlight,
And a chorus of dreams repeat psalms under starlight!…

Rhymed lines and hopes bloom and reunite,
Your punctuation takes the form of kisses and light,
Until we destroy the language and leave the spaces bright,
And I can see you frame by frame with its own height!…

I martyred myself in You!… What a delight!…

(Anca Mihaela – 25th March 2014)



My Wings Have Not Widen For A Trivial Love…


My wings have not widen for a trivial Love,

You!… just have filled your emptiness…

My light reveals your soul’s wrinkles,

singingthis song, I do not know anymore…


You took my anthem!…

An hour of absolution I try to find,

your existence to be shaken from my being,

your caress to be erased from my skin

and forget the reasons of your own oblivion.


The moment got stoned inside the adversity,

too early became too late!…

Not even my insane flight is aerial enough,

and I got tired of being afraid

of the shifting shadow of the Present.

That you were here,

but you chose not to become!…


Your departures still whistle in my tympanum,

no more icons inside this Love sanctuary…

You are aching inside my open wound!

Remembrances about you became like footnotes

and the punctuation replaced all my words!


The light’s rustle chant your presence no more!…

I am still here… humming my melody… telling you

my wings have not widen for a trivial Love!…




How do I love you?…
With all your astronomies and eternities
with all your uncharted  geographies,
and left unstudied philosophies!
With your different constellations,
supernova desires
and gravitational collapses
inside your luminosity,
outside your debris…
This is the Astronomy of Love!
This is the Astronomy of Life!
This is MeYou!…

Cathartic Eclipse


I witnessed the death of the universe…

Tumbling, crushing, spinning

in the maddening chaos

of the spiral Time!


Eternity… ceased to exist,

Time… was no more,

my soul ripped asunder

the stars… show no more!


Pleading internally

I succumb my farewells,

emptied my concavities,

ashes of solitude reminded me

ofquixotic moments

dismissed involuntarily


you were oblivious to my presence

gazing emptily a brimming space,

surreality became my twisted fate

and no transition left for immortality!



My world is hushed

And I crave for volumes of light

in this glaring darkness of hope

succumbing throes

of cacophonous silence

cocooned in webs of deceit

awaiting the promised resurrection.


In these nights of forgetfulness

my poetry still bleeds inside me

in this realm there is an aeonic distance

between my Soul… and your Heart!…


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