He was born in Istanbul (1979) and lives in there. He works in a logictics company. His publications include poems, stories and essays. His works were published in Karabatak, Karagöz and Ücra such are national journals in Turkey. His first poem book named “İlk Değilim Üstelik” was published in 2014 and second poem book named “Kuş Adımı” was published in 2016.




snowing with your eyes

in this century

a huge winter is coming down

with your hands

it is obvious that it will not be over just with snow but

freezing hail in jar

with the sound of snow

will grow up in spring


I told a mistake

Not by mistake

What I told was not a mistake

I told a mistake

done and

repeated everyday

Because they left the garden

with a mistake

that took us to winter



then: penitence


it is possible to survive from winter through mercy

new yards were constructed under the shadow of a mercy

it is possible to enter into the gardens

that we wait for with a mercy

it should be done in winter

maybe it is better

to join the ones

who left the garden first with a mercy


Kids expecting fun are behind the windows

frozen pictures of the future days

it was a winter with full of frightening nights

getting darker and darker

they were looking at the moon

far away in their dreams

kids are behind

the windows with their eyes on the ice.


middle section: beautification


kept in winter

snow bestowed from the sky

may kill and recreate

as it rains,

water will leak in existence


leaving a deep breath

in vessels.

Hung steam,

winter will come in this garden too

birds should shelter or migrate

but gardens are far away

deep breath

unless he kills the seed in this garden

and buries it in solid sand

and makes it green again

we can’t know to

which home this derelict old home

or a mansion opens

if he doesn’t make the seed green again

wouldn’t we wither away


more: fear


prosperous freshness of penalties

from winter is postponed to winter

even though it was grown up in summer

thanks god we saw sorrow in winter

if we spend the winter in this way

what a pity the summer ends

the summer will be over and again winter

we will die and be born

we will die and be born

and again winter






Translated by Mehmet ASMALI and Ufuk CELIK







line is formed with the unite of infinite number of points.  It creates a link. A point does not have a dimension but a line can be measured. A line limits us but can a point surpassed? radius


change your direction switchman

a butterfly in a crematorium

you may accept me with my young face

how many times he switched

a wing for each day

the pattern left behind by the butterfly


we know an old getting cold

a starting note

a fire flame

obvious that man does not judge himself

he is not enough for even his own mercy

a butterfly coffin on my shoulder

how heavy

an action of a day

a word

how heavy

naked human body

indistinguishable from another

the morning put the last star to sleep




a spot that may appear anywhere suddenly. It does not have to be right. Therefore, is it possible to mention about its radius? We cannot prove that it is circle. If so, does not it have to have a centre?


the point is getting bigger

a hole on my cloth

while kids’ fingers enlarge it

the world that I got used to is swallowing my flesh

the opened door is a new garden


the dark shade sinking at night is as heavy as a dark shade

birds do not lose

their direction

even at a silent night

the line knows

that every point is on its right place

and they do not disappear.


glancing at the crowds

glancing but forgetting the point




the radius of the point. it is getting bigger with the one from its own. each drop enlarges itself.


a man talks of himself most and

compares himself with a leaf

how green it is. full of life.

if it fall on the ground it is ready to

be reborn


comparing with snow for instance

I am white. he is not going to survive

without (indurable)


comparing with a bird

I am crazy. a one-way step by step.

getting bigger and bigger

toward the range by gathering stones

for what construction is

this preparation for


maybe comparison. an excuse

to be right. a grip to forgiveness.



unless a tired snow

only the sound of snow falling




Translated by Mehmet ASMALI and Ufuk CELIK






a prophet is lying on the sky in a glass well

his flesh that he cannot rein is growing.

you may eat it. a long breath

from adit to the sky,

each well into a deeper one. I fell

I am in it is meaningless to search for

and handle in the middle of a deep chromatic spectrum

not so white making my eyes blind


I fell and I am not the first one

No one looks for but they know where I am

The cloud is waiting for a wind in charge to spread it out

Shrill with his hand on his mouth with bated breath

The garden door will be opened

I am in deep patience in my hand


What a sweet dream involving bird

settled on a plastic branch

Birds are coming in the showcase. A bird berating each other.

Waiting with bated breath,

let it go. Warm water in my palm


I am not Jesus with a nail on my foot

No I have not been invited from the sky

I cannot leave this well, nailed here

my daughter is holding my trouser cuff

I am carrying my cross with an enthusiasm

climbing up on my shoulder her fingers that are mixing my hair.


I cannot ameliorate anyone dead people are far away from me

it is an ironic end that I suddenly die




Translated by Mehmet ASMALI and Ufuk CELIK