The Tune of Grief

The Tune of Grief


To my dear Bill and Janet

On the night so long
plus days of the harvest
I heard the tune of the cicadas
and the entire melancholy
they spread in the orchard
of the watermelons far from my home
while the ants, the busy creatures
did not dare for my glare
I wanted to sing the song
I knew from my early age
yet my voice couldn’t share
it’s strength to catch the vibes
of my actual dispair

A Poet brother from afar,

a black wise Man

to whom I landed my Soul
to leave its turquoise pastel
like of the butterfly’s wings
on his fingers that touched
so much Desparation
so much Love
so much Humankind’s values
Called me to inform the demise
of a precious woman we
All loved so much

That day of September 2016
that remembrance of the bridge
she built for me,
for us
for everyone
who Love and melt in it…