Celia Kurdab Hamadeh

Celia Kurdab Hamadeh


Celia Kurdab Hamadeh holds a bachelor degree in Public Administration from the American university of Beirut( AUB).  She  is a Lebanese poet, author, political commentator and human and women rights activist . She held many posts in advertising, marketing and PR in addition to her early years as a translator at the British embassy in Riyadh during her long residence there. She was the recipient of the Dar al Sayad publishers,” Saed Fraiha prize” for her poem “Ma Serruki Beirut ( Beirut whats your secret) ”in 2008. She published two books of poetry in Arabic Imraat kullousour ( a woman of all times) and Rasael ila Adam( letters to Adam). She participated in many poetry festivals in Lebanon and other cultural events in Dubai during her residence there in the past few years.  Her poetry is widely covered by media and reviewed by renowned Arab critics and a number of her poems translated to Italian and Spanish , and published in related websites and publications, in addition to her own translations of her poems to English.

Excerpts  from “ a woman of all times” and “ letters to Adam”

By Author poet : Celia Kurdab Hamadeh”

  1. A Woman Of All Times

I am

A woman of all times

Only in your imagination,

You can live the delusion

Of living without the hurricanes of

my rebellious mind

And mad love

Only in your imagination, you think

that  you have the choice

  • “ I  Draw Femininity “

I draw the boundaries of passion and love

I reshape femininity shed,

 in the courts of Sultans,

 and shed by the minds of thinkers in

coffee shops of boredom

I liberate the color of your eyes

 From the delusion of images and stereotypes

I scribble on the wall of Time

That you were mine

Since   thousands of Times

  • “The Void “

Darkness is not darkness

but the absence of light

Silence is not the absence of words or speech

but space between words and words,

Void between silence and silence

In the void

we can see

beyond the fog of words

and we  meet as

two parallel lines

as two unique tunes

In the void

we  cross, in astonished silence,

the crossing of light years of two unique orbits

I will be filled by you

You will be filled by me

And we fall outside the boundaries of

the gravity of words and speech

And we burn ..

We burn at the deepest end of

the  stillness of love!

And from light ,

To  Light,  we return !

  • The birds and I

The birds told me their secrets

And flew away

Towards  Another Day!

They whispered to my heart

before they flew away:

we sing for love in the universe

we sing equally to those who can hear or can’t hear

The birds told me their secrets

and flew away to another day

  • The difficult country

How hard it is to have a country

 which lives inside you, while it is difficult

for you to live in it !

A country which you belong to when  far away

A  stranger  you remain when you are near

Childhood  places have changed

The color of trees has changed

The color of the sea has changed

The color of the sky  has changed

Colors have been distorted and abused

Colors became  competition, hatred and draught

Don’t you dare ask about the purity of air

Fill your mouth with a daily bread bite

sip  a drop of water

Seal your ears

Close your eyes

And wait for justice form heavens

… and They tell you;

 your country is not a hotel !

But they never realize

How difficult it is to feel

That your country is not Home

( an excerpt  from my poem :  “the difficult country”,

 living abroad for many years makes settling back in your country very hard . Moreover, in Lebanon, each political party monopolized a color for  its flag and PR, coloring people accordingly)

  • Are you a reality

Are you a reality ?

Or have I just made you from the boredom

Of my days and nights

Are you for real?

Or  have I just created you

And  colored you with my imagination !

Are you for real?

Or it was me who painted you with

The fingers of my pen and left

the door wide open for my thoughts

have I just lost you between my papers

or have I just hidden you for

 another time or another dimension

By : Celia  K. Hamadeh