My luminous Forest

My luminous Forest


They built the Temple-
the Masters of the Soul’s secrets-
for the Princess with the incomparable beauty

Thou Art is Objective
to be lived
to be experienced.

When the Time freezes and
become the Timelessness,
just sit with that gorgeous
building in the front
nothing else to do- just sit!
you shall see how serenity
brings the soothing of the heart
and how it leaves the strange taste
in your mouth

Do you happen to experience
the Forest?

Have you ever heard
the hissing of the snakes,
the chirping voices of the birds
ate the wild strawberries
saw the cloud upon your
head formed by the Mistletoe
heard the cracking of the dried bows
covered with the decayed
leaves beneath your feet
collected the Spider’s nets
in a tiny glass-jars
saw the rabbit nests
under the bushes and
how Ivy covered the trunks
of the tall trees.

Before you dwell in the sea
of your DMT and meet
your neon color white Queen
as luminous as a midday
sun-ray of July
Listen what they have to say-
the Masters of the Heart
who became known centuries after
their disciples unveiled their names

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