Naida Mujkić- Bosnia

Naida Mujkić- Bosnia


Naida Mujkić Short Biography
She is born in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1984. Her work has appeard in literary journal and anthologies around the world. So far, she published five books of poetry and one book of lyrical prose. She has participated in several international poetry and literature festivals. She is a member of the Writers’ Association of BiH, as well as the PEN Center of BiH. She received her PhD from the Faculty of Philosophy, and she teaches literature. She is currently writing a “Paths” column in the literary magazine Publishers Weekly in Sharjah, UAE.

A man and the rain

At the seashore, a man
Is listening to the rain
He isn’t looking at the sea
From where
Frightened crabs and turtles crawl
The man is listening to the rain
He knows the dinner is on the table
He’s listening to the rain
He hears the birds
Gathering behind his back
He’s listening to the rain
He’s writing about the rain
The rain is his home

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