Self floccinaucinihilipilification

Self floccinaucinihilipilification


…and the decades passed

like beach sand through

the fingers when you see

the sunrays diffract in

the iodized air by the sea foam

now I ought to endure the humbleness

that costs much more than


more than unimaginable world.

Those sounds I turned into

letters layer upon layer

have lost their Logos and

became symbols as if

turned into Sutra text

Incomprehensible till lunacy

These breaths turned into bruises

like bruises turns yellow

so I healed myself over and over

and the Phoenix I am not.

Humbly yet firm I stay

calm and serene as if

you ponder upon the sparkling

dew on the Iris leaf

when it announces another spring

I shall and will stay here to stare

at hearts and gaze the stars

on a turtle shell to find

omens for another aeon