SHEHU- Manifesto

SHEHU- Manifesto


“Poetry is a quantum consciousness, using a word as a weft to design the tapestry of creativeness. Whether it guides or deludes you, that is completely another issue”.

The question of origin as a determining aspect of a political entity has cut off many talents that might give to the global creativity a fractal of the grand human beauty. We are not an exclusion! Yet the peculiar language of the Crane from the anonymous ladies from the Delphi Oracle is followed through millennia as a curse to the Albanian language. It is still a burden in the digital age when literary innovativeness is about to climb to the level of quantum consciousness, and/or diminish its seal, its signature and become a theurgic anonymity and a resource for all, just like fresh air.

While crafting, the anonymous never endorse their work. In art, the signature becomes the source, the origin and a determining factor of someone’s prodigious creativity. On the contrary, in theurgy of higher consciousness creativity the signature loses its meaning and place, because such art is concerned with beauty and does not expect a materialistic capitalization out of its innovation. For it is created from electromagnetic waves, nurtured by a plethora of frequencies to which the inventive artist is exposed and tuned with, which shows the real Metanoia (Greek for maturity of consciousness).

I do expect to see humanity well-elevated in terms of being accepting of diversity of thoughts, gender, nationality, political differences, etc. Just like it accepts the pleroma-ic diversity of its psychosomatic composition of which it is not fully aware. Yet it accepts it just as it has accepted the entire complexity of its existence.

For over three decades, I have been absorbing all what I could from the human source as well as from the invisible, as-of-yet in-comprehensible, visible, semi-visible and invisible sources in order to fully understand the meaning of life which is the art of existence; so close to us, yet so far from our comprehension. Unless understood as a wholeness, I could hardly cut off the particle that does not resemble the totality as above-mentioned manifestations. Often, I have expressed that we lack the terrestrial vocabulary for the celestial quest. But what is celestial in human terms loses its meaning in the age of logic and scientific advancements, not seen in the ages of the past.

Perhaps the celestial in the Here and Now might be the process of creating itself, the politics of living among and within the difference, the cohabitation with the unknown, semi-known and totally known as scientific fact. We are often automatically captured by the morality of creativeness and bonds to the process which differ from the routine.

Creating the ephemeral landscape and/or dimension is of great importance for the inventive writer, who manages to manifest with his tools of imagination and material resources the creative product. The end-result needs to be named and designated in order to give its existence fortitude regardless of its lifespan.

Some years ago, I have been triggered by the concept of layers and how they happened to delude me in the process of creative writing. I have finally realized in all terms where they lead the one who is under a self-realization through art as explained by Kandinsky, and how to keep it intact – not to resemble philosophy, but rather to mirror a self-understanding. What transpires, and how would all of it impact the other layers; namely, that of reception and absorption – until, that is, it might be respected as an emancipated art form? Based on Iamblichus and Berdyaev and due to the fact that I lack the proper contemporary term, I have daringly put forward the concept of “theurgy”. To reinstate once again, I lack the terrestrial vocabulary for the celestial quest. The following poem from my UMAMI will shed some light into the conceptualization of my mention:


Among layers upon layers

of golden sheets of memories set,

I found a difference between

information, knowledge, knowing,

wisdom and revelation.

While it all tastes confusing,

the cloud of consciousness above

the top of my head

hides the seven colours of the rainbow and

the Vantablack, hidden deep

under the abyss of the surface,

it all brought a chill and thrill

while UMAMI enveloped

my tongue, unable to utter

a word of love

Self-love, primarily focused on love toward the Man(kind), should be the sole concern. Otherwise, an art product will lose its intended meaning. In abstract art forms, a different meaning is given to a piece rather than to the whole as originally consented by the artist – whether she/he is a poet,  painter, music composer, etc. This tendency evidences itself either through an endorsement of the artist or a word by an anonymous theurgist, and/or via a piece of other art-elevated forms. The outcome then is as if the produced art is stolen from the world of dreams and imagination of the artist who does not care if her/his name is seen on the covers of richly illustrated magazines or in headline news.

This kind of creativeness is fundamentally similar to the priceless natural resources and the environment we value, yet live to  meticulously endanger to the point of threatening our own survival

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