Ute Margaret Saine

Margaret Saine was born in Germany and lives in Southern California. She writes poetry, haiku, and short stories in five languages and also translates other poets. Her books are “Bodyscapes,” “Words of Art,” “Lit Angels,” and 5 haiku chapbooks. In German, the memoir “Ungeschicktes Kind” [Awkward Child] and books of poems “Das Flüchtige bleibt” [The Ephemeral Remains], “Das Weite suchen” [Roaming Far and Wide], and “Atem der Stille” [Breath of Silence] have been published. Additional poetry mss. ready for publication are “The Five Senses,” “Reading Your Lips,” “Words of Winter,” “While Alive,” and “The Book of Travel.” In Italian “Paesaggi che respirano” [Breathing Landscapes] is about to appear. Saine’s poetry has also been published in Jordan, Portugal, Spain, France, India, and the Philippines.