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Ade Caparas Manilah




17/80 Penrose St. Lane Cove West

Sydney NSW Australia 2066

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ade caparas manilah… a.k.a. Ade Orosa, ade c., Gandah Manilah, a Philippine born but an Australian citizen since 1991 says, ‘my affection for writing and poetry can be traced since i was a meagre toddler, four year old…  “She could create a short story out of a piece of stone or a leaf.” my mother would say.’

i am a no lukewarm, scorpio woman, born 04 november, divorce with 10 children .. my life has always been an alternating rainbow and stormy weather! _ I am not an intellectual, only witty…  and to borrow Montaigne’s word,  “and so I myself see better than anyone else that these are nothing but reveries of a man who has tasted only the outer crust of science in his childhood, and has retained only a vague general picture of them: a little of everything  and nothing thoroughly”.

A study-addict, always a student mingling with the young… a class top notcher, a valedictorian, a declaimer, a debater during my elementary grades and high school days; also an honer student, a deans lister in all colleges and universities… i have reached my goals!


Educational Attainments:



PHILOSOPHY  & LETTERS                                          DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY


JEWELLERY DESIGN                                                   UTS Sydney

DIP INTERIOR DESIGN                                                ENMORE ART COLLEGE



CREATIVE WRITING                                                     MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

REAL ESTATE APPRAISER                                          ASA

Child Care                                                                      TAFE Sydney

Pressure Therapy                                                           Private Learning

Cosmetology &Fashion                                                  Samson School

Paintings & Sculptures                                                   Paris


As a  professional International Interior Designer for 40 years, based in Manila, Philippines_ i have done contracts with prestigious clienteles for hotels, boutiques, restaurants, residential homes, offices… both at Manila base and foreign countries in America Asia Europe.


Dubbed as an ‘Avant Garde Interior Designer’ i was a Cover Page on a Singapore “LIVING” Magazine;  Manila “PEOPLE’ Magazine ; Manila TV Talk Shows.


Comments From Journalists

“ As an interior designer, portrait artist, accountant, real estate appraiser, furniture manufacturer and exporter, business woman……. Ade Caparas Orosa’s multi-faceted life sparks off cool fire from every angle, at every person she comes in contact with. In Ade’s life, love and work, there is no room for in-between, slip-shod arrangements. It is either or Ade’s prism refracts only one colour, a lust for life, a force beyond anyone’s control.”


Ade, the interior designer, is forever looking for and experimenting with new ideas. She is competent, professional and demanding. All her projects are meticulously planned and well executed. As a professional, she never makes concessions…but as a friend, yes. With her flexible elastic personality, she can accept  your faults. Nobody will see her cry, though. As a mother, she has remained constant to her eight children. She spends her weekends with them, unlike others who, upon separation, just disappear or go into a different world, leaving the past behind. Ade looks for roots, but constantly changes all the time. Within this cocoon of a person is someone who is torn between a desire for constancy and the winds of change.”


in 1987, as an artist, I put up a Portrait Painting Exhibit at the Manila Inter-Continental Hotel, which was titled, “The Beautiful Women of Manila”.


In 1988, i produced my own  fashion show, where i introduced the first uneven sculptured hemlines, all in ‘bias cuts.


I have designed high-fashion jewelleries for Milady Jewel of Manila that has been sold to private collectors.


I am well-travelled, a sports woman, i fly a twin-engine small plane, a horse-back rider, a golf player, a tennis player, and a good cook.


Now, a semi-retired designer; i am more active in digital paintings  and poetries; my metaphysical poems are in movements with natures… the dancing tempos, the rhythmic beats, the kissing breeze, the thunderous silence, etc etc.


My first published book, “the WIND my LOVER”  was constructed like a lover’s discourse; a lover’s conversation in poetry of 50 poems.


Awards  Affiliations and Current Positions with W.U.P.


Vice-President-Australia                 Writers International

Vice-President-Australia                 Unione Mondiale Dei Poeti

Administrators                                       12 Various Groups


Book Published:

“the wind my lover”

with Jeff cannon

04 August 2015 Sydney Australia                                            * 50 poems


Poems internationally published:


World Anthology of English Poetry                                            *  If I Come Back                                             *  Last Stage


Whispering Winds                                                                    *  Your Margarita                                             *  The Drum


The Significant Anthology                                                                       *  In Bliss



Wrote and published about 2000 poems in FaceBook, Twitters, WordPress, World Union of Poets, International Group  and other various internet social sites, where i am also an administrator



to have had reached

my dream

breath of fulfillment


pain sweat and tears

rolling towards

a triumph

a goal… set in my mind!  _ ade caparas manilah . sydney nsw australia 2017



an excerpt from the magazine: Singapore Living Magazine


“Yes, you may like up fishing, but how would you like to live in a warehouse? Ade Caparas Orosa, Manila based Interior Designer lives in one [page 25-29] and likes it and most of those we have met say, it would be okay with them too, provided the warehouse is done up like Ade’s. Ade’s bedroomcum wine cellar is feaTured in this issue’s cover. Ade designs flats in various countries which include Singapore and can transform the smallest room into a haven fit for a real way-out living. The smallest bachelor pad she was commissioned to do measured 38 sq.m.  She does not think space is a big concern if one is planning for a flat for one. Quips Ade: “You are not supposed to encourage people to stay, are you?”


We suppose not. The should stay long enough to wine and dine and play backgammon or mastermind or stockbroker and, long enough to wish they could really stay. “FEMALE LIVING” VOLUME 2 NO.3 SINGAPORE 1976




The Muse does not oblige every body. There are people who think, by twisting prose, they can turn it into poetry.  Poetry is not in the words, nor in the sentences, nor in the rhyme, poetry is in the heart of the man expressing his feelings. The more the mind gets into the commanding position, the lesser are the chances of spontaneous poetry coming out of a pen. These days, thousands of people are writing poetry,  and a whopping majority of them are prose-mongers. Poetry says only a little, and the rest of it, lies in the form of suggestions. Words here are silent, and they speak in their silence; and make gestures and beckon to the reader.  Poetry is a slice of the life lived in the deep below of human consciousness. It brings alive the moments felt keenly, and deeply, and moments in which the whole cosmos is found enveloped.

Yes, poetry gives expression to our feelings. But, it issues forth when something stirs our  blood. Some waves of thought, impressions, feelings, turn into a stimuli; and then the process gets on. All depends on how sensitive is the consciousness of the poet. How keen is his memory. How soft are his feelings. And how vast, deep, fractured and fissured is his experience. Every thing that the poet is, goes into a single flash of poetic expression. When leaves come to a plant, [as Keats says “poetry comes to me like leaves to a tree”], can the leaves deny the plant? Can the plant deny its leaves? Who can deny this existential bond between the creator and the created?  Hence, poetry is highly autobiographical. Coleridge wrote a ‘Biographia Literaria’ discussing the lives of the poets. Here, we can write a ‘Literaria Biographia’ focusing on the life of the poetic text.

Ade Caparas Manilah is one poet to whom poetry comes like leaves. And it is not possible to draw a line between her and her poems. Sometimes ecstasies, sometimes sighs, she is what her poetry is; and her poetry is; what she really is. I have never seen such a conjoining of life and art in the same person. What surprises the reader is the youthful exuberance that she evinces in her poetry. Poetry is not possible without passion. Poetry is not possible without desire. Sex is the driving force of desire and hearts who are blessed with love, or denied this elixir, are equally apt for poetry. This volume in hand, ‘The Wind Lover’, I can say, is experimental poetry, in which the lover and the beloved are in constant dialogue; and their words are like red-hot iron bars from which fiery sparks are seen falling. Ade weilds a powerful pen, and she has surprised me by her control over the emotion and the words; and how images fleet into her mind and how they lie flat on the surface of the paper.

One thing which can be ignored, only at one’s own peril, is the powerful presence of the poet, in her poems, which is more than physical, and much more than psychological. Every word that issues forth bears her imprint,  and her specific fragrance. Concertina and the Wind Lover embody an ancient love pair, who, staying away, turn into memories, which keep the bodies on the flame. Each poem is like a lighted stick; burns for some time, and gives out a distinct smell; and goes off; giving way to the Wind Lover to say something.

Ade has laid bare her soul, no holds barred.  Sex, denial, ectasy and depression are the general themes of these poems, which have been woven into a startling pattern of words and images; and bring alive a living woman sighing for a living man. It is a high decibel relationship which speaks, not through words, but, like an epic of love,  brings into it the divine characters like the sky, the moon, the the winds, and the rivers. Thus, presenting human love as a cosmic phenomenon, in which the universe is taking part. It is this life in the word pictures which is very special to this enigma called Ade.

I extend a warm welcome to Ade Caparas Manilah’s volume of poetry which will be a treat to look at, and definitely something very special to taste.


H.No. 20333, St. No. 13, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar, Bathinda 151001 Pb. India.

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