In over three decades
I meandered in the visible
semi-visible and invisible
running after the echoes
of you whispering my name
yet I could not-ever-see
the face that would lay
a sigh of relief and the glance
that imprints its seal on my skin

I went on counting the stars and got nipples in both
of my hands as reward-
the reward as bitter as Absynth, deliberately waiting
to taste better the sweetnes afterwards

I started to collect the dews from the Lilly of the Valey and
heard the winds that shook the barley leaves- leaving
a golden metallic sounds

I climbed the hill, run up
with the lungs full of air and
saw the different colors of
my blood how it turns and
transmutes into transparent

On the hill I connected
from Nadir to Horizon- the flashlight I turned into
a plasmatic sphere of existance
rolling down the hill on the wet grass
I slide
the summer rain washed away
all my sins that were: lust,
passion, ego, and you name it

In over three decades- on every winter
I counted the snowflakes and
observed how they melted
on my eyelashes
I formed a ball of snow and
swallowed a mere lump of it
to reckon how it became
a fifth state of the matter and
my throat got hot- releasing
the strange sounds of my pre-birth

Here we are standing on the wings
of the suffer and lack of counsciousness
that Life is the most extraordinary and the Love
Is Hesh* body
…while we still count the snowflakes

*Hesh-stands for genderless state of the Being i.e. He/She