Feedback for the International Poetry Festival 2017 by Rodolfo Hässler


I was invited to the International poetry Festival in Rahovec, Kosovo, some weeks go. It was for me a good new, Kosovo, the youngest country in the world, in the heart of Balkan, a part of Europe that have an special attraction for me. I visit Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia before, and the attraction of this part of south Europe takes me.

I arrive in the night to Rahovec, and at that moment I knew some of the invited poets in the restaurant. It was a good presentation who let me feel the director have good sense of international poetry, good poets, not much of them, permet to know us, speak, live together for four days during the readings.

I was very happy to be invited, for me is important to discover good poets that the oportunity offers to me, and to know a new contry, and Rahovec is a good place to understand the recent history of Kosovo. Staying during the festival alowed me understand the culture, the political situation and the complexity of the Balkan region.

Without doubts, I can say the International Poetry Festival of Rahovec is one of the best festival I know, very good conduced by his director, the poet Fahredin Shehu, and we all feel love, happiness and poetry all the time.

Rodolfo Hässler