Feedback by Şafak Çelik for the International Poetry Festival in Kosovo, 2017,...

Feedback by Şafak Çelik for the International Poetry Festival in Kosovo, 2017, 3rd Edition


It was a very exciting meeting for me in the past few days. We were together with very good poets who came from many different countries at the International Poetry Festival in Rahovec, Kosovo. After a warm welcome, we read so many good poems for three days. We met with students. We visited some cities in Kosovo. But the most important situation was that the poems of different cultures were brought people together. We had three days with full of amazing chat, music and poetry. The Festival Coordinator who is also a poet brought these beautiful people of mutual value together. Thank you, Fahredin Shehu.


I would like to thank to Besa Hoxha Beqiri. I am glad to meet her. I am glad to be her friend. Besa is a great translator and good poet. The famous translator says: “a poem is not translated; it is written again in another language”. Because of that she is a poet in my opinion. Thanks to Besa for her effort, friendship, translation and sharing the pains of your country.


Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe. A country which has experienced new but very painful events. The traces of the Kosovo war in 1999 are still fresh. Almost every village has a martyrdom and fresh flowers are left in all. The flags are down. Obviously they were recently visited. There are traces of war not only in cemeteries but also in faces. After a while the chatter touches sad memories. I will not mention here the terrible things that have been told to us. Now, many different ethnic groups, beliefs and cultures live together. I hope that they will not face such sorrows again.


I know that I have many good poet friends in everywhere in the World.

I look forward to join the societies where we can read fraternal poems and have a chat.

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